Weird Things

For our 5th sessions, Shoesmith 4th graders talked about out-of-the-box thinking, invention, and imagination. We moved into our “Swan of Bees” poetry lesson, which asks students to make a mash-up of outlandish ideas, such as combining something real with something imaginary; or joining items of furniture with food.  Students exercised their imaginations to create ideas that no one else in the class could come up with or predict. Enjoy!

Ms. Lehner
4h Grade – Group 2

by Aliou K.

I imagine
water flying, shining like a star
a tree as colorful as the rainbow
rain pouring like metal clanking
trees stretching as if they are rubber bands
Thunder bolting as if it is the end of the world
Stars crying like the clouds pouring rain
The back rooms become a replica of heaven
colors flying around the sun
different shades of colors all becoming one


I would love…
by Alaya L.

I would love to see a bear plan a birthday party
Why? I would love it because a bear would be nice
to celebrate with.
Also, a notebook climbing a wall
would be amazing!
A computer that can fly planes 
could help them to around the world!
Sadly, they would 
have to get taught by a pen.
After that, they could go to a concert by
a skeleton! The pencil
can also dance for them!


Kendall’s Favorite Poem
by Kendall D.

I wish I had a room with 40 locks
so nobody can break in my room.
Have you ever seen a door with so many locks?
I wish I had an aquarium for a bed
so my mom won’t complain about the price of
going swimming at a public pool
I wish I could see a room
with a bunch of sweets and food
because swimming in my aquarium bed will
make me really hungry. 
I wish I could see clouds made of 
marshmallows so when it rains
I will have a tasty treat.


I need to see
by Jeremiah P.

I really need to see
a TV made out of teeth
a shark made out of ink
a tooth that tastes like candy
a room filled with live animé characters
a person with a super power


4th Grade – Group 1

I hope I can
by Alyssa M.

I hope I can take a bath in ice cream
I hope I can see a fairy wearing a backpack
Maybe a unicorn with a table as a harness
a fork made of sour patch
a bed made of cake
or a boxing glove filled with kool aid
a birthday cake with a couch as a candle
a couch full of pumpkin guts


Once I saw
by Bayleigh T.

I’m at Great America and it can’t be
I see Rihanna with a swan of bees
performing work in the trees
with unicorns that can’t be seen.

Then, seeing Kirk Franklin drinking tea
Then, having déja vu of stranger things
Now I’m ready to go to sleep
Because stranger things are in my dreams.


Weird Things
by Khadijah D.

I wish I had
a couch filled with sweet corn
a chair made of striped candy
a couch made of pizza
a bed made of mermaids
a classroom made of chocolate
a teacher made of butterflies
a pink cotton candy hat
a bus made of sour patch kids
a house made of nutella.


Made out of Something
by Aiden T.

I wish I had a hallway pass made out of books
I wish I had a lunch of unicorns
I dream of paper made of bells
or I would like art work made out of dogs
I also wish I had poetry made of fun


My Dimension
by Miles T.

I wish I saw a water bottle drinking water
or a dog the size of a human
maybe headphones the size of the world

I wish I could hear thunder that is silent as a mouse
or walk into art that takes you to another
maybe a ground that is a lake
for mermaids
I wish I could go to Alaska that is as hot as Hawaii.


All the things I wish I had
by Lailah A.

A house with an all-you-can-eat buffet everyday
a Target in my house
a magic house that can talk
a candy store in my kitchen
a toy store in my bedroom
a ball pit in my basement
a movie theater in my living room
a bed made of donuts
a car made of unicorns







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.