Through the looking glass with 5th & 6th graders

For our 5th week of poetry 5th and 6th graders explored opposite personas. Persona is when a poet takes the voice of a person, place, or object. Together we read Haugan 8th grader Ingrid H. poem “The King and the Peasant.” In her poem, Ingrid takes on two personas, two voices. On one side of the poem the king brags about his wonderful life of riches and laziness, while on the other side the peasant laments on his life of poverty and hard work. I sit around all day without having to move a muscle/ I work all day moving muscles all hours of the day. Each line spoken by the two voices seems similar but with slight differences, as if everything is flipped upside down. But they share a few things in common, such as the yearning to rest and relax in comfort. Wishing nothing more than to sit here for eternity/ Wishing nothing more than to sit here for eternity. 

After the poem, we discussed the character of Alice, from the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland books, which most of the students were familiar with from movie adaptations. In one of her adventures Alice travels through a looking glass, a type of mirror. On the other side of the mirror, she realizes that just like a reflection, everything is reversed, including the people, creatures, and their personalities.

Inspired by Ingrid H., students wrote poems using opposite personas. So, readers travel with us through the looking glass to discover new ideas about people and things from different angles.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


Sponge Bob vs. Squidward
By Khaleah B. 

Sponge Bob                                               Squidward 

I love my life                                             I hate my life

I am a kind person                                  I am a mean person

I live in Bikini Bottom                            I live in Bikini Bottom

I work with Squidward                           I work with Sponge Bob

I LOVE my job                                         I HATE my job

I love Patrick                                           I hate Sponge Bob and Patrick

I like being outside                                 I like being at home.


Sun and Moon
by Natalia C.

Sun                                                          Moon   

I have sunlight                                      I have moonlight

I help with plants                                 I help with the tide

I’m bright                                               I’m dimmed

I have daytime                                       I have nighttime

I’m a star                                                 I’m a moon

I’m light                                                   I’m light

I help the solar system                         I help the solar system

I’m in space                                            I’m in space

I do good deeds for the earth             I do good deeds for the earth

I rotate                                                    I rotate

I orbit                                                      I orbit


Girl vs. Boy
by Savannah G.

I am a girl                                                      I am a boy

I am expected to be flexible                       I am expected to play sports

Expected to wear a dress                           Expected to like
will ink all around                                       trucks and cars

Funny when nobody is around                Expected to play rough

I want to be like me,                                   I want to be like me,
nice and mean.                                            mean and nice

For life                                                           For life


Tree vs. Flower
by Jalen L. 

Tree                                             Flower 

I’m really tall                             I’m really short

I have leaves                              I have petals

I am brown                                I am green

I get climbed on                       I get stepped on

I’m wide                                     I’m skinny

I’m a plant                                 I’m a plant

I grow                                         I grow

I have roots                               I have roots

I have a stem                            I have a stem

I’m outside                                I’m outside



Love and Hate 
By Jahlil W. 

Love                                                           Hate 

I love people                                             I hate people

I am a strong emotion                            I am a strong emotion

I make people happy                              I make people mad

I make life                                                 I hurt people

I make people love                                 I make people hurt people

I make friends                                         I make enemies




Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2



Madison vs Shariyah 
by Shariyah E.

Madison                                  Shariyah

I’m tall                                          I’m short

I like vanilla                                I like chocolate

I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe            I wear a size 4 shoe

I run fast                                      I run fast

I like Takis                                   I like Takis

I’m a girl                                       I’m a girl

I like blue                                     I like blue



Me vs. My Sister
by Taniya H. 

Me                                          Sister 

I’m younger!                          I’m older…

I’m a singer                            I hate when you song (make my ears hurt)

I’m better                                I’m stronger

at everything                          Even me?

Fine whatever,                       That’s right
you’re still my blood             On top

                         Cuz we are sisters


Anedith vs. Mason
by Anedith Y.

Anedith                                                       Mason 

I love being older                                      I hate being younger

I’m too funny                                              I’m not that funny

I could lift a desk                                       I can’t even lift a pencil

I like being in 5th grade                           I like being in 5th grade




Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1


Batman vs. Joker
By Siyaar C. 

Batman                                           Joker 

I save people                                  I kill people

I am a bat                                        I am a clown

I want respect                                I want respect

I am sneaky                                    I am loud

I wear black                                    I wear more colorful clothes

I am good                                        I am bad

I am sweet                                       I am salty

I want peace                                   I want peace



Teacher vs. Student
By Richard H. 

Teacher                                                                Student 

I go to school every day                                    I go to school every day

I teach my students all day                             I learn from my teachers all day

I watch all my students every day                 I talk to my friends all day

I walk to class every day                                  I walk to class every day

I stand in front of the board all day               I sit at my desk all day

I teach my 24 students every day                   I read my books every day

Every day is just a loop                                      Every day is just a loop


Sweet and Salty
By Ameer R.

Sweet                                                      Salty

I have a sweet apple                            I have a salty pretzel

I have sweet candy                              I have some salty popcorn

I have a sweetheart                              I have been in a salty ocean

I have a sweet drink                            I have some salty soup

I have a sweet balance                        I have a salty fry

I have sweet money                            I have some salty chips



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
   Group 2


Kid vs. Parent 
by Mbaye D.

Kid                                                             Parent 

I go to school                                           I go to work

I don’t have responsibilities                 I have responsibilities

I have chores                                           I don’t have chores

I ride bikes                                               I drive a car

I receive                                                    I buy stuff

We live together                                      We live together

We eat together                                       We eat together

We watch tv together                             We watch tv together

We go through                                         We go through
good and hard times                               good and hard times

together                                                      together


Teacher vs. Student
By Goumbala D.

Teacher                                          Student 

I have to pay bills                         I don’t have to pay bills

I have a job                                    I don’t have a job

I grade work                                  I do work

I have a degree                             I’m working on a degree

I get paid                                        I don’t get paid

I go to school                                 I go to school

I work 8 hours                              I work 8 hours

I go through obstacles                 I go through obstacles


Sparkling Water vs. Pop
By Gian R.

Sparkling Water                                           Pop

I am clear                                                       I am tasty

I am carbonated                                           I am carbonated

I have one flavor                                           I am flavorful

I am confined,                                              I am confined,
trapped in a bottle                                       trapped in a bottle

Eventually forgotten                                   Eventually Forgotten


Lavine vs. Diggs
By Dion T.

Lavine                                                        Diggs

I have a 3 star in CBB                             I have a 4 star in CFB

Stefan Diggs?                                           Zach Lavine?

I play in the NBA                                    I play in the NFL

I was a good kid                                      I was a bad kid

I lived in a rich family                           I lived in a hard-working family

for life                                                       for life








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.