Week 3: Getting Metaphorical!

Taking our learnings on comparative language a little further, we explored metaphor through personification and persona this week. First, we watched Sam Mercer become The Hulk and painstakingly try to perfect an omelet In a Too Small Kitchen, and then we crossed Borders with Denice Frohman as we stepped into the shoes of Anamaría, a fictional immigrant woman struggling to make a life in the United States with her family.

For the lesson, we sent ourselves into worlds of our own and picked someone or something else to be for persona poems! Embody a new life with these poems from Lesson 3 with George Washington Elementary:


 Room 301 


The king of the jungle
Braulio D.

I am fierce.
I am tough.
I am the king of the jungle.
I have the loudest Roar in Africa.
I’m the strongest animal in this savanna.
I have been strong since I was a little cub.
My dad told me to always stay strong. 


If I were a dude
Danny V.

If I were a dude I would not have to constantly look over my shoulder
Or have to buy self defense keychains in order to protect myself
If I were a dude I wouldn’t have to worry about what I wear
Because no matter what
They say the same thing: “Boys will be boys”
Or the “Well, what were you wearing?”

But you already know
It never changes.


a butterfly arrives
Hayden S.

You grew out of an egg
You became a caterpillar
But a caterpillar isn’t beautiful
You told them to trust the process
They said there wasn’t one
Time goes by and a butterfly arrives
They’ll stare at you amazed
As you fly high and let them go


 Room 305 

Anime Adventures
Hali R.

Waking up in a different world.
A world that is 2D
Walking around all high and mighty
Doing quests and finishing battles
Flying across the land
Climbing and striking areas
Fighting off beasts
Winning battles and losing
Oh do I wish to live in a world like this:
A cool dimension that does not exist
Only a 2D world.


I Am a Bird
Beyonca R.

I am a bird
I fly so high
and I don’t stress
that’s no lie
i’m on my own
facing the world all alone
looking for food
Hunting my prey
traveling the world

but for some reason feeling blue
Leaving the nest
Looking for some friends
But none are to be seen or wanted
To be seen with me.
i got what i wanted
which was some time alone
But now i want some company
to tear down my sadness and loneliness
and bring me happiness 


Joel R.

My hard work has payed off
Now it’s time to show people what I’m about
They pass me the ball down on the block
Do a fade away 2 And goes SWISH!
My team is up 2
My palms are sweaty and stuff is getting tense
The other team scores now we tied up
I’m hot so I get the ball
I shoot
The Chicago Bulls win the 2027 NBA championship!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.