Gone….but not forgotten

For their thirteenth virtual poetry lesson, Haugan 8th graders explored the meaning of grief and loss through elegies. An elegy is a poem that a that praises and expresses sorrow for someone who is dead. Sometimes elegies can be written about losing objects, places, or even beliefs. Usually elegies end with a sense of acceptance and closure.

Together students read and discussed my own elegy poem, called “Bobby,” which is about the passing of my hamster. In my elegy I described her personality and special memories I had of her. You sought beauty in tiny moments/ Running across the field of golden hallway carpet/the thrill of climbing the bright green wheel inside your cage /that forever turned in circles. I didn’t focus on her death, but celebrated her short, yet full life. At the end I found closure in the fact that in death, she was now part of nature, the earth. I planted you where the hostas bloomed/ Body nestled deep against the roots/I took comfort in the earth harvesting/ your snow-white bones like seeds/ You became immortal.

Inspired by my poem, students wrote elegies about the loss of people and things in their own lives. Please enjoy these published poems.



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 1


By Diego B.

At the moment of birth you held me, holding on to your finger not letting go. Helping me think, helping me make my path. Not even needing your help but you were always there. People say you are not here but I don’t believe that. You are here, you take care of us from above. Teaching me how to throw a football, teaching me how to spin a basketball. How to stand tall and not pushed around. Old gray hair might come to the end. WOW! You did it 5 years around, you can’t be pushed around. Might have said that too soon. Last rose is laid, tears of sorrow run like the river. You would have cried too, but you couldn’t

You were 6 feet under you were here by our side. All have moved on but we still think about you. Now you are in peace, not in pain, not sadness, you can leave your life how you wanted to live. In peace. The candle was burned out, but your flame still burns on.


To My Beloved Member
By Caroline C.

His personality was very brave and unique
He always hold a huge twinkle on his face

Once losing them I felt out of sight
No words came out of me once finding out
I carried so much wondering inside me

One of the best memories I had was
Everyone would call us out identical
Our eyes and lips were very common
Our personalities were very familiar

But one best memory I earned is a new guardian angel
Watching each step I take into life to get mature enough.


No Name
By Jasmine F.

Your eyes were always closed
Your paws would always shiver
Your ears were not yet big but small
You laid there in the cage dead

But mother always told me to never feel sorrow
To never feel pain.
Only to be happy I spent time with him
He never belonged inside .
He should’ve been in the little hole it came from

Your little small hops will forever be with me
But I’ll always remember not to keep a outside pet



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 2


The Blush Pink Bag
By: Natalie B.

All gone in a blink of an eye. All that waited for the future, for my older self to look back, all flew away like the seeds of a sunflower. Where I needed to face the loss of my precious treasure, hard to gulp it down, doubt to bring along, shame to think twice, fear to drop a tear. As the creek’s bridge leads two paths…One with dry grass, the other with light and dark olive green trees. Big pieces of hickory brown wood sitting in the thin grass. While we entertain ourselves by throwing the aged wood down the creek as splashes rise, until every drop of water falls down. In my small blush pink bag, pinecones, flowers, small beads, notes, every little piece that I loved to collect. A special little figure that implied my different though in many appealing ways. A piece that I hold on, where it referred to a special memory that I hold with a story to be told if ever found/ seen in my palm.

As this bond ended, accepting the incident is where I realized that as much you might take care of something…someone eventually their time to go will apart always leaving a strong connection and lesson in your heart.


Something Special
By Carlos G.

Oh uncle how I do miss you
Sometime I forget about you
Sometimes I remember you
You were very important in my life
You are special because you were my only uncle, and now I have you no more
When you first died it made me very sad and mad
And since there is nothing more to write, this session has concluded


By Carlos G. 

They were all sorts of colors, green, blue and yellow with black and white spots. We only had them for a year or 2, they were loud in the morning it was almost like I never needed an alarm clock. Chirp loudly in the morning and night, chirp as if they were singing in the afternoon. One night, there was a thud, and there laid the lifeless body of the green one, a couple weeks later, then one day afterschool, there laid the blue one. For a few weeks the yellow one was cold and all alone, it probably knew it would join them one day, so it laid inside it’s wooden hut it made, and then it happened, all 3 were buried next to each other in the same spot under a spruce tree. Next morning, it was always silent in the house. But you will always hear them outside, they are now a part of the earth.


My Home the Philippines
By Chelsea N.

Bags packed
Ready to go.
The plane leaving the ground,
My head spinning
Tears blurring my sight.
We’re leaving,
We’re leaving my home
And we’re leaving it so soon.
I remember swimming in beaches and rivers,
Playing catch in the fields with my friends,
And climbing up mountains wishing to reach the stars
Good old days.
I also remember those days when I wasn’t feeling okay
The days when I had to be alone
To be in those fields once again
To cry and to scream,
“Why do we have to move?”
“Why so soon?”
“Why now?”
Tears falling while the soft wind caresses my cheeks in attempt to dry them up
I have lived in this place for 14 years
And knowing that I’ll be leaving all those memories behind doesn’t sit right to me
But it’s always nice to make new memories, right?
I just hope America treats me right just like you did.
Till we meet again.



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 3


By Michael B.

Starting the day
With a fake $20 bill
I don’t even know about
The police are on me
A woman trying to live
A man George trying to breath
Being 46 can’t choose violence or I get shot
“Can’t breathe……”

Being George
Born in Texas on October 14, 1974
Brown eyes
African American
Living in Minnesota
Going to a store

Young, Old, Any Age
Protesting for police brutality
Young people understanding
The racism


Show of my time
By Christian D.

Blood and gore with a hint of religion
Demons, vampires, werewolves ,etc…
Including the end of the world and the apocalypse
and cant forget time travel
Has been living for 15 years and
I can never get tired of it
Has been the best show for me since 2005 ( i was born in 2007)
The binge goes on 15 seasons 10 to go
I’m addicted to it like a seagull wants French fries
It might be inappropriate but I love the show
I grew up with the gore and blood
I will always remember the show
I loved this show.


A Message
By Angel M. 

Hey !! its me your best bud
It’s been a long time
I miss you
I miss your hugs
I miss your fur
Your eyes used to sparkle and your fur used to shine

You were always there for me
The way you thought I was afraid of showers like you were
The way you sprinted when the ball
As thrown
The way that you jumped on my bed for comfort

Now we’re not together but
I’m not going to cry
I’m not going to beg
I’m not going to let you go
And let you have your fun
In heaven


Dear Love..
By Anjali P.

Your name is
The strongest positive
Connotation in any language
It lights my day up..

You save me
From the danger world–
You…. you..
Were the only one
that could reach me..

If I could relive yesterday
Even for a little while,
come and pet you more
Just to see you smile

When tomorrow starts
I wouldn’t be sad knowing we are far apart
I would be happy because–
I’ll find your paw prints on my heart.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.