Twain 3rd Grade Ears Hear…

For our 2nd sessions together, Twain 3rd graders honed-in on the sense of sound. We talked about happy and sad sounds, loud sounds and quiet sounds, favorite sounds, and onomotopeia or, the use of a word like – boing, oink, or whoosh! – that resembles or suggests the sound it describes! We recognized that sounds like birds chirping, winds blowing, and the tap of fingers on computer keys are common to our ears.  Students were challenged to come up with sounds that others might not think to write down.

Ms. Isaacs 203
3rd Grade

Sounds We Hear (a collaborative poem)

Sounds are everywhere and
in our ears
When we hear rain falling on the windows
it makes us feel relaxed

We hear friends talking about
what they do on the weekends
or talking about life

We hear birds singing in bird language
and wolves howling in the moonlight
because they are nocturnal


Ms. Lee 205
3rd Grade

I Hear
by Hunter B.

I hear people talking and cars
roaring like tigers

I hear my dog barking like
yelling and my mom screaming

I hear my teacher’s footsteps going
klik klak and trees waving

I hear people singing hooray and
my teacher yelling

I hear my mom’s footsteps

I hear a doorbell ding dong


Sound Poem
by Emily C.

I hear the tennis ball bouncing on the floor
I hear the tennis racket hitting the ball
and I hear my brother cheering for me

I hear and see people being
kind to each other and helping people


My Dogs Crying
by Mack G.

I hear my dogs crying to see me. I hear my dogs
crying to eat.
I hear my dogs crying to go inside. I hear my dogs
crying to sleep.
I hear my dogs crying because they are stuck
I hear my dogs barking
at other dogs
and fighting


Mrs. Lamas 201
3rd Grade

I hear the squeaking of animals like mice and squirrels
– David M.

The sound that I hear at home is my brother putting on the tv and annoying songs
– Leo C.

I hear the national song of the United States of America
– Luciana V.

My mom saying “Wake up, its time for school” in Spanish
– Mateo S.

Escucho las campanas de la escuela 
la cosa que escucho en los gatas comer
– Katherin R.


I hear my dog going through the tree to find another apple
I hear kids flipping the pages in a book
I hear kids ripping-out pages from their math book
– Arantza P.


Mrs. Murphy 202
3rd Grade

Isaiah L.

     At my house
I hear strange noises
sometimes in my garage
and in my house

I tell my Mom
and she thinks 
I’m messing around


Sami M.

I love when the bell rings
when it is time to line up
when it is time to go in the classroom
when it is time to calm down


I hear my dog whimpering to see me
 – Samantha M.

I hear the water pouring into the flowers
I hear the wind blowing the kids’ hair
– Angel V.

A favorite sound is rain drizzles
– Leslie O.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.