Travel. Agent.

We took a look at Richard Blanco’s prose/mix poem about missed destinations in, We Are Not Going to Malta. Students were then given travel brochures exhibiting lush locales (decidedly not always depicting reality), and asked to create their own poems about wanting to go somewhere, but being unable to. Some students included actual lines from the brochures to juxtapose their imagined locations. See if you can pick them out!

Lesson Note: ‘In the course of my engineering duties….I began writing inch-thick reports, proposals, and lengthy letters to clients and permitting agencies. Consequently, I started paying close attention to the way language worked to organize my thoughts, argue a point, or create a persona, noticing the subtle yet important differences between writing “but” instead of “however” or “therefore” instead of “consequently.” I discovered that language had to be engineered in a way, just like the bridges and roads I was designing. It had to be concise, accurate, effective, and precise – the same terms one might use to describe a poem.’–Richard Blanco

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 2

We Are Not Going to the Dominican Republic
Daniel Q.

We are not going to the Dominican Republic
come here to enjoy the beach and have
a good time with the family. Come here to
enjoy a nice spa and toe massage. I could’ve
went there! I could have been playing football
and get swallowed by the waves, but no I’ll
stay inside instead of being in
100 degree weather! I could’ve had a bacon
ultra deluxe breakfast, but no I’m eating waffles
everyday at home!

Mia L.

Today you arrive in Dubai, one of the most exciting
destina….What? 3 NIGHT PRE-TOUR from $349-499*?
It’s extremely relaxing but $400 for a 3 night tour…
I’ll pass…I’ll go to the McDonalds and have
a everyday vacation with my McDouble.

Fiji? Nah.
Luis S.

“Sir, your flight is cancelled.” Wow. I couldnvve
dove into the sea and oberve the ocean’s wild life.
I’ll be drinking some lemonade while sitting
on a beach or Tokoriki Island or
Castaway Island. I have no idea how to surf
but I can learn how to at the Koro Sun Resort!
Taking a tour on a cruise ship and seeing
all of the islands. How wonderful… But
I’m not going.

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 1

Meleni A.

Because the traffic was too long my
Mom announces we’re not going
to make it, were not going to
Mexico…But what if we did go to
Mexico? Just imagine walking into
my Mom’s neighborhood, seeing everyone.
Walking out of La Bura (church) walking
into stores, food stands and so much

Aldo G.

because there is a lot of traffic.
Our pilot announces like there
was 1,000 speakers, we are not
going to San Antonia a city
with rich colonial heritage.
The Alamo. I must go back
the beatiful trees, river, Alamo
but we can’t go back the pilot is saying.
And the pilot goes to las Vegas

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 3

We Are Not Going to Africa
Nicolas G.

because our flight got cancelled, my mom announced.
I really wanted to go to Africa. ‘Are you sure?’ I asked my mom.
‘Yes’ she said. No I won’t be able to take the morning cable
car ride to the top of the Table Mountain.
Or I won’t be
able to take the morning guided walking tour of Victoria Falls
with its vast curtain of water that is nearly a mile
wide and see elephants, leopards, cheetahs, koalas, giraffes,
cape buffalos, hippos, and other species.
I was going
to have such a great time seeing the Great Pyramids
of Giza. Best of all, we were going to go to Lake
Nakuru. The waters here are often colored with
a shimmering pink, from thousands of beautiful
flamingos lining its shores.
Africa, we will have to
leave you for another time.
Illianjenice R.

Exquisite gourmet dining at any of our 13 restuaruants
I look at the brochure. Seems legit. Punta Cana, a simple paradise.
Packed my bags with cloths I’ll probably not wear and
a swimsuit that doesn’t even fit me.
Fun for the kiddies
too, fun activities with games and art classes. Well we
know where I’m going. Wait am I considered a ‘kiddy?’
Going to post a picture of me in front of the
expansive adult care pool on Instagram (which I
don’t have but certainly will pretend I do.) Doing my
hair in the ample marbled bathroom with hair dryers
except I’m not going…because I cant afford it.

Why We’re Not Going To Puerto Rico
Chris W.

We’re not going because I can’t charge
my phone. Even though e do not need passports
and tickets are relatively cheap the territory
my grandmother came from is in shambles
and doesn’t even have power put we have paper



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.