The Book of Questions @ Edwards Elementary

Today at Edwards, we started our poetry residency with asking “what is poetry?” Then, we read a poem by Pablo Neruda from his book, “The Book of Questions.” We then figured out different ways to ask questions and wrote our own poems that asked the silliest of questions!

Ms. Ortiz
4th Grade

The Question Story
Brandon S.

Who are the kids?
Where is the playground?
Why are aliens not real?
How hot is the sun?
Why is the playground big?
Why is the playground far?
Why are the kids sad?
How can I make them happy?
Where is Mexico?
Where is Chicago?


Let’s get some questions!
Gianna G.

What is Chicago?
How many dogs do you have?
Where do wolves live?
Who is Ms. Natasha?
Where is Mom?
Where is Grandpa Joe?
How do you get to Chicago?
Is Chicago a bad place to live?
Where do the Cubs play?


Animal Zoo
Sarina F.

Why is the zoo so big?
What is that animal?
Where am I?
Am I lost?
When is the zoo closing?
Why do some animals eat mean and
other animals eat plants, leaves,
and grass?
How do you get these many animals?


Mrs. Campos
4th Grade

Hugo G.

Why does the rainbow frown?
When is it happy?
Why do we get dropped off by storks?


Ivelisse Acevedo

How are the hospitals in the sky?
Is she in Asia?
When can I fly in the blue sky?
Where can I buy a watch for one dollar?
Why are there gray cows in the sea?
How is my dog in my toaster?
Why is my mom in the dishwasher?
Why was an ant in my ice cream?
And why do I like the taste?
Why is the grass rainbow?
Is Asia in Europe?
Why do we have homework?
When is it time for me to ride
on unicorns?
Why did a fat cow slap me?
Is the sky red or grey?
Why do I think green is
the best color in the world?


Silly Quiz 
Jonathan H. 

Why do beans make you fart?
How do they make movies?
Why are we even here?
Who made Earth?
Why are balls so bouncy?
Why do dogs fly?
Why do hamsters fly?

Mrs. Neri
4th Grade

David M.

How is the slime jumping?
Why is the floor swimming?
Where is the pool running?


Why Are We Together?
Alyson O.

Why is the floor together?
Why am I with people?
How am I with people?
Why do I go with the book?


Infinite Questions
Justin R.

Why does the pool have blood?
Where’s my family?
Where is the clown?
Where does the chair go?
Why is the plate flooding?
Where is my basketball?
Where are my shoes?
Where do I sit?
What is a doctor?
Why so snakes bite?
Why are tarantulas harry?
Why do spiders have eights legs?
Why am I rich?
Why do I wear shoes?
Why am I dead?
Why am I alive?
Why am I alone?

Ms. Guillen
4th Grade

March 12
Andrew J.

What if I am a human?
What if I am a hamburger?
What if I am a car?
What if I am big?


Las Palabras
Emily R.

¿Dónde está mi papá?
¿Qué es un libro?
¿Dónde iré hoy?
¿Qué es una muñeca?
¿Qué voy hacer cuando cea grande?
¿Qué es una mesa?
¿Dónde está la maestra?


Daisy R.

¿Qué son las estasionos?
¿Qué es invernio?
¿Qué se encuentra?
¿Dónde se encuentra?
Cual es otoño?


Ms. Andrade
4th Grade

Brisselda L.

Why can’t we bring pets to school?
Why can’t we have pets in the house?
Why do we have dramatic moms?
Why can’t we have free stores?
Why do we have to wear shoes?


Leonardo R.

Why did we all quack?
Can I plug my SanDisk to my self?
Can I go high?


Rodrigo F.

How does the teacher dress?
Why do we study?
Do students eat McDonalds?
Why can’t the chicken reach the table?
Why are cats scared of pickles?

Ms. Resendiz
4th Grade

Silly Questions
Jorge R.

Why do I go to school?
Why do flowers grow?
Why do we exist?
Why don’t animals talk?
Where is God?
Why do we go to church?
Who made us?


Preguntas Chistosas
Valentina R.

¿Por qué tengo que ir a la escuela?
¿Por qué tengo que leer?
¿Tengo que ir al dentista?
¿Donde vive Trump?
¿Qué es mi nombre?
¿Por qué los animales no pueden hablar?
¿Donde esta Dios?
¿Por qué estoy bien alta?


Norin F. 

Why is Earth the most popular planet?
Why does soda have so much sugar?
Why do I have a butt?
Why am I still getting hate?
Where’s God’s parents?
What is candy?
How is the 1990s better than the 2000s?
Whos is screaming at me?
How are consolnes popular?
How many hair styles are there?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.