“Their last scent / was trembling” Smells with South Loop Poetry Club!

Last week at South Loop Poetry Club, we finished our Senses chapter by talking about scents. A lot of poetry, and a lot of humanity, does not acknowledge scent except as supplement, especially to our distinct level of taste. So to write some smell-focused poetry took a lot of brain power and creativity! To inspire us, we read a very somber “I Know Your Scent” by Ricardo Alexio, and took turns reading the serious poem among the group to emphasize the repetition. We discussed using scent as something to ground us in the world, but also to play with it figuratively and conceptually. So without further ado, please enjoy our serious and un-serious, physical and metaphysical, smelly, smelly poems!

South Loop Poetry Club


By Cole C.

The migrants

they are moving

I always smell

a bitter cold in the air

They gone in a bus

It drove away

Their last scent

Was trembling

to them

hiver was a come

There are

Thousands of Migrants

They smelled

like a love

like romance

so much abide

I want to wish

them a good


but the bus ran off


By George M.

The smell of fire from a burning of a tank

The Blood is another smell

and fuel running in the tank


By Zachary G.

I know it by its smell


The smell of oil, smoke and metal

In the air/

I know it by the smell of
Bravery, Battle

The cold days/

I know you by the Bravery

day after day

after day/



By Annabel G.

I know you by the smell of hatred.

I know you by the smell of maddness

I know you by the smell of fury.

I know you by the smell of darkness.

I know you by the smell of your
colorless picture.


I hear something

There is nothing going on just something
in my head

Just a ringing in my ear but I am full of

The darkness int he room is creeping me
out, but I know it is just my head.

I Know You

By Audrey C.

I know you by the love
and hate you give / I know
you by your scent of good
and bad you have / I know you
by your peace and darkness /
I know you by your kindness
and badness you make.


By Whitman G.

I know your smell by chickens

I know you by chickens

I know you by the poop

The wildness

I know you by the chickens

The wildness and craziness

I know you by the chickens

I know you by the chickens.

Snakes vs Chickens

By Oliver G.

Hey! Kanye West listen up.

Boy I know the smell of

Love never smelled it on you, though.

You call people snakes

You smell worse than

snakes! You smell like

dirt! If Taylor
Swift’s a snake then

Are you ready for it?

I see you in a
Barn ya chicken!

cluck cluck


By Mia P.

When I think of Paris /

Love, Joy.

I smell love in the air.

People holding hands.

When I think of Paris /

bread, butter.

A tasty, buttery, french baguette.

When I thin kof Paris /

Eiffel tower.

Metal, excitement.

The lights / blinding.

Tall, pretty.

When I think of Paris

My Closest Friend

By Navi R.

I know you by the scent of love, care,

and kindness / I know you by the scent of

Knowledge / I know you by the scent of panclas,

and chocolate / I know you by the scent of

the delicious food you make / I know you

by the scent of hardwork and your best.

My Moooooooooomyyyyy!


By Morgan F.

I know you / Navi By the smell of

Kindness, love, friendship. I know you/ Navi

by the smell of Careness, Ramen, love

I know you by the smell of Cuteness,
funnyness, and being naturally bubbly.

I know you by The change you

make to the world.

My BFFL NAViiiii!

P.S. And that’s 5 o’s in counting

(im sooo flattered!)



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.