The People, Places & Things We Come From

Greetings! Last week was our sixth session with Waters 6th graders. We explored the nouns and experiences that make us who we are by writing classic “I Am From” poems. This format is inspired by Kentucky poet George Ella Lyons. The example we read was written by then-15 year old Rockelle Rodd. Enjoy students’ “I Am From” poems below!

Ms. Smallwood’s Class 6th Grade Class

Where I am From
by Aria M.

I am from dance
from competitions and shows
I am from Chicago
from big buildings and many people
I am from tacos
I am from the crunchy shell and tasty guacamole
I am from gymnastics
from flipping and jumping
I am from my family

I am from
by Damian S.d.Bi am from my name
i am from my friends
i am from tennis
i am from meWhere I am from 
by Sydney J.I am half white and half asian
my dad is from the philippines
and my mom florida
when i was younger instead of sitting in a chair normal
I would squat
now that i’m older i’m a softball catcher
I guess it paid off
In my family
when we don’t have a dinner plan
we make fried rice with egg and chicken
I’ve gotten tired of it but it’s still good.

Ms. Hooper’s 6th Grade Class

I am from…
by Lela S.

I am from the beach
The ocean breeze feeds me along
with fish
I am from the beach when my
magical tail shimmers in the blinding
I am from the beach as I
swim my 500 meter faster than
the noob.
I am from the beach, cause I’m
a mermaid

My Home
by Luke V.

I am from Slayyy!!

I am from the smell of food
I am from spaghetti
I am from Roblox
I listen to Shake it Off
I hear yelling
Shake it off
Shake it off
I am from 
by Cecelia S.

I am from the sound of train tracks. from
the train in my back yard.
I am from nice and funny and sweet but bold
I am from the strength of my parents Tammy and
Andrewfrom pasta, matso ball soup and latkes.
I am from Chicago and Texas.
I am from strong family with a big personality
I am from my Grandma Tish knitting blankets
I am from Grandma and Papa and my cousins Clare,
Denise, Nora, Rosemary, etc.

Mr D’s 6th Grade Class 

I am from life
 by Izzy G.
I am from optimism
from smiling when i don’t need to
I am from plain pasta with butter
and salad with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers,
and red peppers.I am from Romania
with warmth and butterflies and food
all around
I am from my dad and my mom
from caring what other people think
I am from 6th grade
with chaos and noise
I am from love and kindness
I am from best friends
with chaos and love
I am from Life

by Niko W.

I am from not giving up
I am from the smell of vegetarian chicken nuggets
I am from my mom’s tofu
I am from the song I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
I m from soccer
I am from Chanon and Ethan
I am from my grandma and aunts and uncles.
I am from my family.
I am from the sound of bossa nova in the morning.
That is me, that is where I’m from.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.