The Noisy Earth: Sound Poems @ Moos Elementary

The sounds of our lives! This weeks the 3rd Graders at Moos Elementary took us on an acoustic tour of their world, and let us listen in on their point of view… Enjoy!

Ms. Freedman
3rd Grade

The Sounds I Hear at Night
Itzly V.

I hear my dog howling, mmimimimimi
I hear my dad snoring, rr ww rr
I hear my mom seeing the tv, you could win a ticket
I hear my brother calling someone, ring ring
I hear my sister using the computer songs, haaoki aaa
I hear my cousin screaming because she’s scared, baaaaaaa!
I hear my baby sister crying, wawawa
I hear my brother using the microwave to make food
I hear my biggest sister laughing with her friends, hahaha
I hear my baby brother crying because he did the bathroom on his pampers
I hear a storm because its raining, drip drip
I hear my big sister napping, vrrr
I hear bigger cousin taking a shower, rrrrrshshshsh


The Sound I Hear Outside
Nathalie A.

I hear the sound of the wind whush-whuch
I hear the sound of a dog barking
I hear the sound of beeping cars downy the
street beep-beep


A Sound of the Train
Saul R.

One time I was in a train, I heard
the train take off, and its sound chgu
chgu chgu


Brandon P.

I hear lightening go zoom zoom boom
I hear hens go coo-moo-boo-boo
I hear buses driving
I hear pigeons woo-woo
I hear plants nmnni
I hear cars vrrrr-rrrr

Ms. Golanty
3rd Grade

The Sounds

In my house I hear my mom coming
up the stairs it goes clik-clock-clik-clock
In the school I hear bells go like
In the night I hear the train going ch-ch
In my house I hear my dad making
coffee it goes like sh-sh-sh
In the halls I hear tapping feet
it goes flip-fbp


Sounds in the World!
Xzavier J.

I hear beep beep in the street
I hear whoosh in the wind
I hear vroom on a motorcycle
I hear tik tik on a clock
I hear screaming, ahhhh!


My Sound Poem
Ayanna S.

the sound in my house is music in my mom’s room
the sound the car makes in the city
the sound of the kids screaming in school
the sound of a bunny bouncing
the sound of a dog barking downstairs
the sound of my kitten meowing every night

Ms. Brown
3rd Grade


The Noisy Earth
Jocelyn H.

I hear someone eating a bag of chips
chomp, chomp, chomp, I hear my cat meowing
meow, I hear the wind blowing in my face,
wish wish wish, I hear Ms. Beth singing la, la,
la, la, I hear a butterfly flying flap, flap, flap


What Does My World Say Everyday
Christian C.

I hear people say bla bla bla
I hear the wind go swoosh
I hear ducks go quack
I hear oil in the stove go t’s
I hear cars go beep!
I hear sirens go weeeeo
I hear birds go tweet


The Sound of the Mornings
Noel L.

When I wake up I hear a noise it
sounds like this creak-creak-creak
When I turn on the sink it makes plurp-plurp-plurp
When the clock makes a sound it makes



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.