The Moon Is Like a Clock Through the Night: Similes at Moos Elementary

This week the 3rd graders and I worked on comparisons… why wouldn’t you say the wall is like the wall? Well, they are exactly the same thing. Similes make our brains pop by finding similarities between different things. The 3rd graders came up with a lot of cool ideas which you can read below:

Ms. Golanty
3rd Grade

What I Feel
Jada T.

Tiger is like a chipmunk through the grass
The ocean is like a person with blue eyes
The moon is like a clock through the night
The trees are like hair on a stick in a field
A bed is like a big cushion as you sleep
A house is like one roof and one cube
put together.


My Comparisons
Ruben G.

A blue whale is like a squid
A tree is like a mountain
A piece of board is like a chocolate bar
The sun is as hot as lava
A snow ball is like an ice cube
Water is like the sky
A yellow pencil is like a yellow apple
A knife is as sharp as a sword


Real and Fake
Ashari T.

The sky is like the water
A pink pencil is like a pink flamingo
A clock is like a circle
A square is like a picture
A cheetah is like a lion
A fake star is like a real star

Ms. Freedman
3rd Grade

The Library

I am like a monster
I am like a toy
A monster is like a giant
A pencil box is like a PacMan
A washing machine is like a storm


Frida O.

I am like a monkey
Elephant is like a rat
Gym is like the playground
Ms. Freedman is like Ms. Mathes
Ms. Mathes is like a dog
Ms. Freedman is like a cat
Cherrilyn is like a crazy dog
Mayra is like a crazy rat
Jaky is like a crazy bear
Arturo is like a monkey
Itzly is like a cat
Destiny is like a dog



I am like a cheetah
A fish is like a boat
I am like a bird
A bird is like a plan
A house is like a school
A window is like a door
A books is like a notebook
An Eifle Tower is like the
Sears Tower
A hard cover books is like
a clipboard. A fish is
like a turtle.

Ms. Brown
3rd Grade

Xiomara R.

A bluejay is like the sky
Red is like Mars
Paper is like a board
A sky is like water
A table is like a desk
The colors are like a rainbow
Brown is like Ms. Brown


Dallani M.

The world is like oceans
The sky is like a sea
The board is like the wall
The window is like glass
A pencil is like a pen
The sun is like a banana
A marker is like a color pencil
A pumpkin is like an orange
A kiwi is like a green marker
A candle is like an air freshener
An orange is like a pumpkin


Joseph M.

Elephant is like a rock
Crayons are like a rainbow
Cloud is like a sheep
Cherry is like a strawberry
Rabbit is like a person
Banana is like a lemon
Mouse is like a lion
House is like a cave
Ant is like a grape
Giraffe is like a yellow apple
Scorpion is like a spider
A lion is like a human
Moos schools is like a house



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.