The Comeback ‘Kid’

This lesson centered around Eve L. Ewing’s consoling poem, to the notebook kid. Students talked about their present lives, future, goals and dreams, before writing their own poem on those very topics.

Lesson Note: ‘Like the kid who learns to play basketball without a coach, [one] acquired the basic skill of writing. To acquire the skill of basketball, [one] needs only to watch others play and to practice. Imitation and repetition. You practice and then you learn. More accurately, you learn while doing. ‘-Jim Sollisch, creative director at the Marcus Thomas advertising firm.

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 2

I’m Tired
Love G.

Getting up at six having to rush
because family has to get ready too.
being kicked out of the bathroom I’m tired
No time for breakfast. Always late
to school and still tired. Counting
down the hours till I leave kinda falling asleep in class because I’m tired. Getting yelled
at for not paying attention. Finally
I’m out and can’t for dinner and can’t
wait to do it all over again tomorrow
I’m so tired.

Quiet Kid
Penelope G.

I’m just that quiet kid
Who’s too nervous to speak
but I’m always drawing something new
I want to be known for my drawings
I want to make people excited to see my work
Drawing isn’t the only thing I want to be known for
I want to create my own video games
Something people will laugh, smile or cry at
Maybe something scary, fun or both
I wanna be able to spend money on my family
I wanna make them happy
But those dreams wait
I’m just the quiet

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 3

Me as ‘The Kid’
Estefany V.

The stressed-out kid
the bubbly kid
The one who laughs at everything kid
The one with good grades kid
The awkward kid
The one who wants to become a
doctor, or an architect kid
The kid who is obsessed with
Ariana Grande
the kid with an annoying, but also
protective brother
The kid who always wants new shoes
or clothes
The kid who is favored by their dad
The spoiled kid
The one who appreciates and
loves their friends kid
The one who loves their family

Briana D.

the can’t get up for anything kid
have to get called a billion times
by your fed up sister who
has places to be kid
the take what feels to be years
in the bathroom kid
the actually just singing and
dancing in the mirror without
keeping track of time kid

Once dressed, rush the contacts
you own in your eyes kid.
Hear the naggin of your small, annoying
twin sister kid
the kiss every dog goodbye and rush
out the door kid.
The tell people you walk to school
when you actually mean run kid.

The go through school, go home, and
do it all again kid

Future in my Head
Nicole F.

My life as of now is pretty boring and
repetitive. I wake up, go to school, go back home,
do homework, shower, sleep and repeat. In my
head, I imagine my future. I see myself happy
with a cute little puppy living in a nice house
with my family. I don’t really like snow so I see
that nice house in a warm city. I see myself
succeeding & accomplishing my goals. I imagine
myself telling the universe that I’m ready for
the good stuff that’s to come. Yes, I imagine
the future in my head.

Mrs. Strus, 7th Grade

Michael S.

The kid who stays up all night
who never has pencils
The kid who likes school only for
gym and friends.
The kid who needs coffee to
even move.
The kid who gets good grades, but
needs more.
More of love for others and

Naomi G.

Always have alarms on kid.
the kid who has after school every day.
Most of the time using hands to
talk, sassy and always have attitude kid.

During break want to go to
Puerto Rico to see family kid.

The older sibling who takes her
sister to dance. The older cousin
who babysits every day. Who’s
aunt and uncles refuse to pay her. I am
that kid.

Jakob W.

yo get in trouble when he
eats gum in class kid.
Who looks away from the teacher
so he does not get called.
The kid who always has after
school. The kid who will always
try too hard to make people



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.