“This is how the rainbow was made” ~ Perspective Poems @ Avondale Logandale

Last week, we had fun tapping into our unique perspectives to see everyday things in new ways. I brought in a pineapple for the students to observe while we read and discussed “Someone Puts a Pineapple together” by Wallace Stevens. We had fun brainstorming our own pineapple perspective poem as a class before moving on to write solo poems using our poetry muse for the day – a purple cabbage. I asked the students to pay close attention to their mind’s vision of the purple cabbage and share what they see in their poem.

Scroll down to enjoy the published purple cabbage perspective poems from last week!








Ms. Lozada
4th Grade


What I Think It Is!
Jose B.

The spider wandering around the forest.
It looks like roots coming out.
It looks like grapes.
It looks like brains.
It is a hill.
It is a hill of purple.
The tall tree in the forest.
It is a purple rainbow.
It is a purple ball.
It is a purple bucket.



My Best Place
Dylan V.

I see a motorcycle going VOOM!
It is a closet full of mysteries.
It feels like roses on the floor.
It is sweet puppies.
It is a kingdom of all the candies.
It looks like a cockroach.
It looks like a dinosaur soccer place.
It looks like a puzzle.
It looks like I’m in the internet.
It looks like a place of magic.
It looks like where I teleported.
It’s looks like I’m from the future.
It looks like a dimension.
It looks like I’m a river.



Xiomaris T.

It is a big volcano
It is a big eyeball
It’s like a purple forest
It is a bowl of cereal
It’s like a butterfly
It is like purple bush
It is like a purple ball



The Cabbage
Maximiliano T.


The spider walking
Purple fireworks
The cockroach eating
Patrick’s house
The milkyway.



Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


A Purple Cabbage
Yelitza R.

A purple wave in the ocean.
A big bright sun in the summer.
A Christmas tree in the snowy winter.
A bug sticking its tongue on the ground.
A growing potato under the ground.
A wrapped around rose.
A solar eclipse in the dark night sky.
The moon saying hi to the sky.
A cute frog in a purple pond.
A princess in the woods.
A big brain in our head.
A train track in the dark sky.
A submarine in a hall of lights.
A rock in the meadow.
A bowl of yummy soup at home.



The Myal Cave
Elicia N.

I am going in a cave.
There is a painting up ahead,
but the painting up ahead was a cone, a white one.
Then a giant bug came to me
but it was not a bug.
It had little brains growing from it.
It was a fossil all along.
Oh wait…it is a hallway.
That hallway is upside down
and it looked endless.
When I followed it, it was the night.
There were leaves and a forest.
I got to the end of the cave.



The Purple Mystery
Gabriel G.

A sleeping spider in a purple nest.
A dead rhino fly in the purple sky.
A purple bat flying in a building.
A purple brain jumping on a trampoline.
A lobster swimming in the purple ocean.
A book driving a purple car.
A purple cloud at midnight.
A purple desk.



The Purple Cabbage’s Revenge
Jocyana C.

This is how the rainbow was made.
The biggest spider in the world is here.
A tree swaying.
A person singing its heart out.
The tastiest snack on earth, the maroon.
The friendliest ghost is here.
Umm… cheesecake on a cabbage.
A turtle’s shell for protection.
White clouds everywhere floating.
Wavy waves everywhere.



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade


Purple Thing ♥
Giselle F.

Behold the purple baby.
Welcome to purple brain.
A purple rain is coming.
A purple leaf falling.
A purple soft playground that everybody can go on.
A purple spider coming.
A big purple flower.
A purple monster.
A purple stinky monster.
A purple fairy planet.



The Fruits and Vegetables Brainstormers
Brandon C.

So many doors that are infinite.
A big rock bigger than ever!
A spider in the underground.
A wall that feels rumbly.
A round mountain with purple snow.
A white spider looking for food.
Purple blood that’s everywhere.
A turtle in around flat ball.
A bald head.
A hedgehog rounded in a ball.
A hair dyed purple.
A purple monster.
A half purple Earth.

Pineapple: A spiky ball that no one wants to touch.
Is that Patrick’s house?



The Cabbage Transforms
Megan T.

A rare purple turtle’s shell in the beach.
A beret for having dinner in July.
Half of the moon in the darkest night.
A jelly in a purple plate on a table.
A purple cake for a purple party.
A spider smooshed by a purple seed.
A hamburger bun for November.
A boy’s head with cool designs.
A tree asking for the wind.
The entire galaxy far, far, far away.
A BIG, BIG pile of purple leaves.
The best splatted ball ever!
A big splotch of purple paint.
One of the secondary colors.
My second favorite color.



Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


The Idea
Jaslyn J.


A tree in the woods.
A sprout of a tree.
A door to a castle.
A black hallway.
A creaky step.
A spooky house.
A twist.



Pineapple and Fruits
Jermonie R.

A Demogorgon in the dark mysterious alternate dimension.
A spiky goblin or gremlin.

A brain that’s ALIVE!!
A bald head.
A purple swimming cap with no googles.
A spider.
A guy with violet hair.
A magical hallway full of spiders and snakes.
A non-human with a bunch of arms.
A new Spider-Man, but PURPLE.



A Purple Cabbage
Sophia B.

A white spider.
A purple shell.
A smooth rock.
A mini-house.
A bald head.
A purple brain.
A crazy hair day.
A white insect.
A light and dark midnight.
A flying swirl.
A rough darkness.
A round circle.
A horned head,
and 1,000 legs.
This is the life of a purple…



Untitled (Perspective Poem)
Isaac O.

It looks like a spider.
It looks like dog food.
It looks like room.

It looks like a bunny.
It looks like a pizza.
It looks like a hotel full of dogs.
It looks like a room of puppies.

It looks like a castle.
It looks like a game room.
It looks like the moon.
It looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.