Tech Savy Poets

This week at Shoesmith students explored poetry about technology. Students were asked to discuss the positive and negative effects technology had on their lives. Most students agreed that technology has created faster ways to communicate with friends, relatives, and people from the world, through email, text, and social media. The downside of technology is that it can be addictive and dangerous. One student mentioned how hackers can send viruses and steal your personal information online. Another student explained how she was obsessed with games on her phone, which often distracted her while doing homework.

Together we read “Like Any Good American,” by Brynn Saito. In this poem the speaker’s life revolves around her TV. Not only does she give it her full attention, but also physical parts of herself: corneas, eardrums, and skin. Saito constructed her entire poem using enjambments, the running over of sentences from one poetic line to the next without punctuation. This allowed students to experience the erratic thoughts of the speaker, who disconnects herself from others. Saito also incorporated functional white space, the area around words or phrases that create pauses and rhythm. White spaces emphasized important ideas in Saito’s poem: “In return it gives me so may different sounds to fill the silence where the secrets of my life flash by like ad space for the coming season.” Although technology gives us exciting sounds and images, we must sacrifice our relationships and sense of privacy.

Inspired by Brynn Saito, students wrote poems reflecting on the influences of technology in their daily lives. Enjoy this week’s published poems. Also thank you to Trinity C. from Ms. Wesson’s class for providing the great tech themed artwork below.


                                         Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                         Group 1


Like Any Normal Person
Layla A.

My icloud storage         still isn’t full
My     brain feels            flooded
but       still    dull
Tik Tok’s are to blame.
like any other        seducing   game
I give it my all        like tickets
sold out          to a basketball game.
scrolling through my emotions
My  eyes  in  a  haze
Texts overflow my brain       calendar alerts
reminding me about important events
on it for too long           started writing
punctuations  on this    non-punctuation


Like Any Boy
Joshua G.

Walking with        head phones
in   my head     waiting
to    figure out   the   next   song
Lil Keed will let out
My   eyes   gazing  at  light  like
a skulking      iphone   II  Pro  Max
My  fingers  scroll  through
My   Spotify   playlist
looking for     song  to  play
and    send     through
My    beats   on     Bluetooth
Sometimes on   tik tok     trying
to         impress ladies
My  headphones     walking  to  my
backpack   begging  me  to  put
them   on


Like Any Good Gamer
Noemi N.

a   gamer   has   electronics
they play all day      parents
tell   us    you’ve    been
on there   too    long      get off
Nintendo   you   create   games
we        gamers    love      and
want  to  play        so you
can   get                money
for      the         gaming
system            the controllers   the
charger           and the games
to      play   on    there
then   we   get   mad   when
we   can’t   pass   a      level
because     it is    so hard



                                         Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                         Group 2


Like Any Good Decade
Lailah B.

My underdeveloped baby     hands
So frantic to    touch      the new
ipod  as  the    screen
But  I’ve  given  my  life
to  this  decade  Now this
old   year goes by    and the
new year rolls in     and the
pages turn       my
interests change      I find
new   apps   and   soon   enough
I  hit     the big   1-1      and
I hope some       trends come
back like     Heelies


Yana D.

My fingers scroll through
videos of        people dancing
My eyes look like a starving bear
hunting for more videos       my phone
Look at me      with    a crazy
stare                  my phone
says             are   you   ok
I am happy    but   sad   because
I can’t      do    the dances     my
hands   move   like   monkeys   in the
wild      When I post videos     I get
10 likes    this makes    me   feel  like
a Queen Lion    but when I see
other people’s    videos and they have
about     2 million       I feel like
a      sad     doggie.


Like Any Good Technologist
Keith J.

My    fast   fingers   swipe
though    pictures
on a         phone
I give       it my eyes
I give       it my ears
I give       it my information
My    deep    secrets
It   always   gives   me
that          grim  look
I   always   see  a  cyber
bully   coming   soon



                                         Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                        Group 1


Like Any Good Movie
Christina A.

My eyes glued to my TV
watching the
juicy parts
of the middle of the
Like any good movie
I am eating popcorn
or crying          to the saddest
parts of the movie
Like any good movie
I am laughing
to the funniest people
doing funny things
the TV just so        proud
of what it has done
Like any good movie
I am yelling
When I am mad
at the people who
get eaten by a       monster



Like Any Good Shinobi
Cole B.

I put all of  my    vision     into
the game not       focusing
on anything else    I     hear
the chirping of birds      and I don’t
care    the       door opens
and my mom comes in    but I don’t
the sound of           Kuna   kills
the sound                of any
voice or noises       available
I smell food        but I don’t
get up    My brother   is arguing
with my sis             but I don’t
bother       there’s     a tornado
but I’m stuck in the       game


Like Any Other User
NGone D.

With a click of a button
I can travel the world
With a click of a button
I can sell my soul to some
To some app I won’t
With a click of a button
I get into a hungry
full of fake
Like any other user
With a click of a button
I can watch someone’s vacation
With a click of a button
I can download useless apps
I procrastinate to delete
With a click of a button
I can find which     Disney princess I am
With a click of a button
I can play     an online game
knowing full      well
they’re         bots



                                       Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                      Group 2


Justin Beard

You   suck  people   in to a     never ending
void           that they never
escape       you steal and kill       every
day    you dis    connect    people from the
world     your screen is like a      blackhole
you   entertain  me  every  day
you      let me connect
with all my friends             you
make me smile when     I    am   sad
You’re like    a comedian  with all    your jokes
always laughing more and more
You tap on my screen every day
giving me viruses   and   making
me sick     I try my best to
escape             your finger is just
like a knife cutting me
putting me    through so much pain      just
to toss me out


Stuck On My Phone
Zoey B.

My phone          is my Frenemy
never know if it’s good to be on my
phone       stay up all night like I am a night
owl            sometimes my sister could be telling
me to come do something    but     I am
glued to my phone like I am a piece
of tape     I give      my time to my phone
I stay on my phone      staying silent
when I should be talking
Too much of my phone makes me have a
being on my phone less makes it
beg for attention


The Catfish
Amir B.

They are on    Snapchat    Tinder   Instagram    Facebook
everywhere       hiding their identity with pictures of
girls and boys on google
Friend requests to random   people   flirting with   a 12 year old
asking for locations computers filled with terror as
the 50 year old man uses the computer to gather      little girls
the old man smiling at the screen
when the old man gets home
from work   the computer wishes     he could hide with his eyes
shut       but is awaken by reality        the old man doing his hobby
pretending to be someone he is not
like a wolf in sheep’s clothing   lurking in the screen trying not
to get caught preying on defenseless      girls and boys    like a mouse
trying to get the cheese   the old man is   always happy   looking
for a new suspect to harass in a friendly evil way
the old man always has excuses not to facetime or let
his voice be heard through the microphone this makes the
old man feel





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.