Talking to Inanimate Objects

Week 2 – Moos Elementary

This week we looked at Frank O’Hara’s “A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island.”  In it, Frank has a conversation with the sun where the sun tell Frank not to worry about anything, just keep writing.  I had the students list some inanimate objects (some of my favorites they listed were “Colorado,” “egg shells,” and “my blood.”)  Then they were to write poems where an inanimate object taught THEM something, to piggy back off the week before where they taught someone else something.

Ms. Moss – 4th Grade
Room 212

by Angel

“Hey Angel, pick up my controllers and play!”
“I can’t, I have school.”
“Well too bad! I wait here all day and your dad unplugs me.
It’s like I die for six hours!
Then you come and do your homework?”
“My dad said if I don’t get good grades he’ll throw you away!”
“Well looks like oh well for me then.”

I came back then the PS3 jumped on me
“You got money so you’re getting jacked!”
“Wait I have no homework.”
“Oh.  So play some games then.”
I set my bookbag down and played

The End.

“Number Ten”

Hey, I am so sad
First, I don’t know how to count to ten then if I do that I have no objects to play with.
Well you got me
I have an idea, you are number ten, so teach me how to count to ten
All right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Now what object can I play with?
Well I’ll poop out 1 magnet 2 pencils 3 notebooks 4 life sized dolls 5 moans 6 7s 7 games 8 Janaris 9 rain deers and ten Santas
Thanks I’m smart and I have things to play with. Oomaniell look at my new friend ten
Hey want to hear a joke?  What’s five plus 5?
Ten I know

The End!

Ms. Morales – 6th Grade
Room 307

“My Nintendo DSi”
by Rosy Munoz

I was done with everything, I don’t know what to do but then I heard a noise.  I knew who it was.  I followed the voice, it led me in my closet and there I found my old Nintendo DSi.  He told me, “Come on, play with me it’s been a long time.”  I picked him up and started playing but then he confused me when I was in a hard level.  I said, “How do you even know how to talk?” he said “It’s not my fault, it’s your fault for leaving me.”  I said, “That’s why I left you in the closet.”  His last word was, “I’m sorry for bothering you Lazy donkey!  So I’ll be quiet.”  I said, “Good piece of metal.”  But then he said, “But I’ll get bored so I’ll just talk!”  Ahhh!!!

The End

by Helena Salgado 

Hey flute how are
u “Fine, and u?”good
why? “No, just bored”
I know let’s make noise
“Now ur talking” ready?
“U bet I am!” to, to,
ta, ta, ti, toot, orty.
“uhf. I am tired.” ok
let’s put you away. “Kk
Oh no!  Wait it’s dark in
this case” What I can’t hear you
bye “bye… Hey you can hear me!
Wait!  Please!”

“My Stuffed Animals”

“Psst!  Pssst!  Hey over here.  Look!!”

I saw and my stuffed
animals were having tea!
I told them, “What are you
doing?”  My koala-man told me “We
were trying to get your attention
by having a tea party” my shugy said
“You can join because I started
the tea party.” “Last night you hugged me
upside down and I farted
on you on accident.” Koala-man
said.  Every animal started complaining
I said “Ok sorry I know I
kind of don’t play with you
sorry.”  All of them told me
“It’s ok even though you are
growing up we will still hug
you and give you warmth
every single day of my

Ms. Ramirez – 4th Grade
Room 214

by Enrique G.

I was playing my PS4
I was playing online
I said hey and the PS4
said hey what’s up
and I’m like who’s

Next week I was
going to play.  What
where is it aaahhh!
you grew feets that’s
weird cool.

by Mariah

Tablet I know you always
die on me but please don’t.
You have games you say
happy birthday to me
when it is my brithday so
tablet you can go back to sleep.
When I talk to you
you talk back to me
and I say happy birthday
to you when it is your birthday.

“Ring. Ring.”
by Darvonna H.

Ring.  Ring.  Wake up D it is
time for school today and
you need to go “I’m up stop
ringing it makes my head hurt
so bad.”



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.