First Day at McPherson

I was pleased and excited to be back at one of my old haunts, McPherson School. I’ll be working in three 6th-grade classrooms, collaborating with the very welcoming Ms. Bielenda.

In “Litany” by Billy Collins, the speaker compares himself and another figure to household objects and images from nature, making those direct comparison and leaps of imagination that we know as METAPHOR. the students tried out their own poems that involve comparisons like this, basically introducing themselves in a poem using metaphors. Some followed Collins’ lead and related to a second person in their poem.

ROOM 320

Never Forget
Dayana G.

I am not the sound of thunder
like in the winds.
You are the moon to my shooting star, like
the lemon to my taco. You are not like a
black cat in the dark. But I am certainly not the sound
of thunder. I am like your shooting star
you will imagine in your head. But
you will never forget. But you don’t forget
that you’re the moon like my shooting star.

Mariano D.

I am the water that makes a plant grow.
I am the car moving forward.
I am the water that moves on shore.
I am the sound of a thunderstorm
bursting through the sea.

You are the key to the lock.
You are also the trunk that holds
the tree.
You are the wing that holds the plane.
You are the movement of a ripple
in the water.

You are not the breeze of the win
that passes.
You are not the crystal that shines
in the light.
But I am not the movement of
ripples in water, I am not the
key to the lock. You are always
the key to the lock, you will always
be the key to the lock and also the movement
of a ripple in the water.

Nora O.

I am the wolf
bursting with anger
and hunger. I am
the crashing waves
of the ocean. I am
the turtle hiding in
my shell. However
I am not
the ringing of
bells, or the sn
shining bright. I
am certainly not
the happy children
playing at the beach.

ROOM 322

The Speed of Rain
Oscar G.

I am the metal on your car,
the sugar in your tea.
I am the small rhino,
the ball beneath your feet.

I am the clock in your home,
the speed of rain coming down.
I am the math book in your desk.

Ashley B.

You have a hollowed-out heart
but it’s heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight
it but it’s hopeless
I am like the wind
blowing away
You are just standing there like
a rock

Gabriela G.

I am a lotus flower
in the swamp
sometimes very fragile
but I can be moved
you know I’m fragile
so you treat me with
but when you do move me
you know how to fix me
I am not always fragile

ROOM 314

Daisy H.

You are a runner,
a smart one,
yet you are not a fast or a slow one,
you are a pace one,
one who takes their time.
I am the buddy,
one who accompanies you,
cheers you up,
and never gives up on you on your sad times.
You are the animal because you are wild sometimes.
You are the tree,
I am the ornaments on the tree.

The Shark
Bryan S.

I am the wind and the sun,
who shines bright shiny fun.
You are the great big shark,
who throws courage when it’s dark.

I’m not you.
Saron D.

you’re the drop of golden sun on the ocean
you’re the sweater that wraps around me in the cold
you’re the silky feeling when touching hair
you’re the smell of peppermint in the air
I am the dirty color of contaminated snow
I am the water that goes down the sewer
i am the blemishes upon people’s face
i’m the storm on the beautiful summer day
you’re not the rough feeling of sandpaper
you’re not the crooked teeth in someone beautiful
you’re not the icy heart that can’t be loved
i could never be the person with a pure heart
i could never be the beautiful piece of art
i could never be the smile on a child’s face on christmas
i will never be, i will never be you.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.