Some Kinds Of Love @ Shoesmith 5th and 6th Grade

Shoesmith Elementary’ s 5th and 6th graders discussed the meaning of love for their ninth poetry lesson, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend. Students were asked “what are different types of love?” Students mentioned family, marriage, dating, friendship, love for their teachers, communities, and furry pets.

Together we read the sonnet “Some Kinds Of Love,” by Kaitlin K, a student from W.E.B Dubois Elementary. A sonnet is a 14-line poem with a set rhyme scheme ending in a couplet, that is usually about love. In her sonnet Kaitlyn describes how she views love. Some kinds of love can bring you peace/And some kinds of love can warm your heart/And some kinds of love can bring out a beast. Kaitlyn discusses both the positive and negative aspects of love. Love is not perfect, but it is worth having. Some kinds of Love is hard too, sometimes/ But some kinds of Love don’t cost a dime.

Inspired by Kaitlin K. students wrote their own students about what they love. Please enjoy these lovable published poems.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1



By Michael B. 

This is the love for my friends
I love how easy it was to find all these people in my life
I love all of these people to the end
So I’m glad that I found another friend of mine

I have another friend who is really chill
And I got a few more like one who is really smart
She’s like a really calming medicine pill
And he is so cool and he has a good heart

We have a another friend whos so very helpful
I have one more friend who is so very funny
And he trust us because he’s never doubtful
Because she dances whenever like a blob of honey

I wish I could name more
But this is all I have in store


Love Is A Game
By Mykhi C.

Love is a game you can win or lose
But your heart can get broken then it can’t be fixed
Love can make your heart get bruised
love can be held down like bricks

Love is like a cruise
Love can run but cannot hide
Love is in my eye
Love will not die

Love has adventures
But we have gold diggers
Love can get injured
We need heart workers

Love’s in my head
But it’s not dead


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2



The Love I Have For Food
Carlton F.

Love can be a really good thing
Like the love I have for food
Love can make your heart sing
I felt love every time I chewed

I love eating sweets
I love when food is salty
I love food with heat
Or sometimes when it’s frosty

Food has been so good to me
It is there when I feel moody
the food goes down in my belly
if it’s sour or if it’s fruity

Love can be a really good thing
I love food, it makes my heart sing


If It Happens
By Kaylee H.

If I could dance, I’d twirl you for ten seconds.
If you ever forget how to smile, I’d teach you one step at a time.
If I could take a chance, I’d tell how I’d beckon.
If I could learn to fly, I’d show you beyond the skies.

If I forget how to love you, I hope you’ll teach me again.
If I could get you to love me, I’d hold you tight.
If I regret my words, I hope that you’ll still love me then.
If you ever feel like you’re falling, I’ll try to make things right.

If it turns out you never loved me, I might go someplace else.
If the thunder outside scares you, will I pick up my phone?
If you’re happier alone, I’ll leave you when all is well.
If you leave me before I leave you, will I make it home?

If I don’t know what to do when the end comes, I think I’ll just lie down.
All I should be doing now is being grateful that you’re still around.


Love Chocolate
By: Ophelia H.S

I love chocolate, sweet and yummy
It is the perfect treat
Nice, hot and cool in my tummy
It’s one thing I love to eat

It is very creamy and delicious
It allows me to cool down
And helps me feel less vicious
Or when I feel a lot like clown

Chocolate is something I’ll never hate
Although I want to go in a horse-and-carriage
I never have to date
But I will only have to pay a dime for marriage

But I don’t want anyone to know that I’m already married…
To chocolate!



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


Love Is Our Life
By: Lailah B.

Love is a bond we need
The trust that we give
Love is something I’ll receive
Everyday I live

Love is the language we speak
What we have on a deeper level
Love is when were both weak
When we wanna be rebels

And sometimes love makes you wanna fight
When we’ve had enough
Loving is making things right
Even when were broken up

So I’ll say it again, one last time
I’ll love you till the end, even if its a crime


Teenage Love
By Magnolia T.

Love is being there for someone despite the obstacles that stand in your way.
Love means saying sorry when you know you’re wrong.
Love means you will forever stay
Love means being strong

When your in love, you think you found your soulmate
But then nothing goes like the movies and you cry
Your friends ask how long are you willing to wait, you “till about eight”
And then you realize they lied.

You try again with same person
Your scared of being let down again
But then you get a new sudden fear ,you fear you will be a burden
Anyways you go to dinner and you both pray over your food “amen”

You still love them
And will again and again and again


Love Is Complicated
By Kayla W.

Love is quite hard to understand
Love is quite hard to obtain
Love is far from bland
And love can be hard to maintain

Love requires honesty
And love requires acceptance
Love requires modesty
But it also requires your attendance

Love is remembering to give back what you’ve taken
Love can be hard to keep afloat
Love is being appreciative of what you’ve been given
But sometimes, it all works out in the end, and you become devoted

Love is hard to come by
But it’ll all be worth it in the end, once you try


Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2


Love Is…
By Layla A.

Love is sharing an umbrella when it rains
Love is giving someone chocolates on valentines day
Love is a feeling you cannot explain
Love is giving someone a pretty flower bouquet

Love is having a smile on your face
Love is sometimes just being happy
Love is sometimes giving your partner space
Love is sometimes being sappy

Love is that feeling when you first met
Love is when you get what you get
Love. Is.


By: Joshua G

Love is when your close
Love is not just saying but showing
Love is not saying adios when things get gross
Love is also not being unknowing

Love is caring when nobody else cares
Love is when your always there for the other
Love is sharing when nobody else shares
Don’t worry there’s always some love for another

Love can put you in tears
Love is showing affection
Love can bring Joy to your ears
When love is ending, comes disconnection

Love is like a happy dove
But where in light can we find true love


For The Love of Grandma
By Yoshua G.

The love of a grandmother is full of hugs
The warm feeling I get when she’s around
I’ve told her I love her on a couple of mugs
I really think she should wear a crown
Yes she is a queen to me
The one who really knows me well
My ups and downs, she lets me be free
In my heart she will always dwell
She has taken me to different places
Our time together is so much fun
I hope to always be in her good graces
The medal for Grandmas, she has won
This pandemic has temporarily halted our good times
My goodness, being without her feels like a crime


Love Is
By J’Vonae S.

Love is nothing but a temporary connection to someone.
Love isn’t always just peaches and cream
When they’re bored of you they leave you that connection’s gone.
Sometimes the strongest love makes you want to scream.
Love is a façade, created to hide the true darkness of the world.
Love’s an image put up for views, likes and follows.
​Love is being dumb enough to leave an extraordinary girl.
​Depending on how strong you love it could leave your heart hollow.
Love is nothing but a feeling that fades.
It’s never ever leaving even when things get rough.
It’s more than giving them roses on one special day.
I’ll stay by your side even if I’m not all that tough.
​Love isn’t a good thing, it’s scary and frightening.
But it’s never expected, so they call it love lightning.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.