Sharing Know-How

Our Sayre students’ read the poem, “The Gift” by Ocean Vuong and considered the intertwining of narrative and imagery. We were especially struck by “the b bursting its belly/ as dark dust blows/ through a blue lined sky.” We thought on experiences we’ve had of teaching things to others. Reflecting, how does it feel to share your knowledge?

Mr. Charmelo, 7th grade, 1st period

Her by Peyton W.

First, she told me how to write a poem that looked good but I preferred not to

Second, her skin felt soft that’s what I heard.

Third, she sounded cool like the sea that is when I will have returned.

Fourth, She smelled like she farted that was absurd.

Fifth, I wanted to taste some food then my vision got blurred.

Sizzled by Giovanni A.

First, Ms. Perez looked at the sun,

and her eyes sizzled like eggs.

Second, Ms. Perez felt mentally


after dealing with gremlin kids

for seven hours straight.

Third, The class sounded so loud

it sounded like a rocket was going off.

Robot Dance by Monica S.

The robot looked

like a bug with one eye.

Second, it felt smooth and hard.

Third, its arms sounded like whirring.

Fourth, it smelled like a windy breeze

Fifth, it tasted like cotton candy

because it was sweet to learn.

Smooth by Royal G.

looked Like a wet dog

felt smooth like butter.

like Children playing.

Smelled like a wet dog.

Mr. Charmelo, 7th grade, 2nd period

Learn to Jump by Rosalie R.

He stood in the bounce house and

looked like a deer on

a frozen lake,

He was wobbly and felt

like shaking jello.

He started to bounce.

He was laughing and he sounded like he

was watching the funniest thing

in the world.

He was now jumping.

I looked around to find

my sister and it smelt like

sweat and a rubber tarp.

I breathed in and it tasted like

a dry desert it was awful.

At last my nephew learned to


Wood Craft Stuff by Daniela G.

First, Looked hard as cement.

Second, felt dusty like an old antique.

Third, sounded loud as a city at night.

Fourth, smelled like a forest full of books.

Fifth, tasted like paint and saw dust.

The Food Was So Bad I Started Dreaming by Elijah R.

His hands looked like roast beef on a bonfire.

His nerf guns felt like aluminum they might be real.

He sounded just like a hammer.

He smelled like blood.

It was all in my imagination that is how bad

the food


Steps by Jared M.

FIrst looked like a flat basketball.

Second felt rough like sand paper.

Third sounded like the swish of a net.

Fourth smelled like sweaty grown men.

Fifth tasted like hot air blowing.

Sixth looks like nice basketball shoes

seventh feels like wet water.

Eighth sound like loud men yelling.

Victory for the World by Adrian M.

como se mira se mira alto y deportista.

como se siente, se siente bien por que me has feliz verlo jugar.

escucha se escucha como el mejor del mundo

huele, huele a victoria del mundo

como sabe pregúntale a Messi

Puppies by Manuel R.

They are as cute as a little dog.

They feel like a soft balloon.

They sound as a big speaker

They smell like dust.

The Marriage by Kimberly D.

Like an apple tree

like a soft wet slime

like a water drop

like roots and daisy

like sweet apple pie

like a flower girl

like smooth paper

like sand.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.