Secret Dreams

For their 6 week of poetry, Twain 6th graders explored ideas about dreams. Dreams can be stories we create while we are sleeping, wishes we want to come true, or goals we have for the future. There are also fantastical dreams, things that we want to exist in reality, and nightmares, the manifestation of our fears.

Together we read, “What the Ocean Dreams of In Its Secret Heart” by high school poet Sahana Rangooni featured in the poetry anthology “Tell the Whole World.” In her poem Sahana wrote about the type of dreams an ocean might have. Ocean dreams of sun and birds/ Ocean dreams of water, rain, and skyline. Students brainstormed and wrote poems about what different living and non-living things dream about, but also their own secret dreams.

Find a comfy pillow and enjoy reading these dream poems.


Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade
Group 1

A Broom’s Dream
By Noemi N.

A broom dreams of clean floors,
so clean that its shiny.
No dust, that you can go bare foot

A broom dreams of flying with a witch

My dream is to be a D1 volleyball

Owl’s Dreams
By Janette S.

An owl dream is to
disappear into the night.

To look into the moon
and hoot.

With the big eyes
that make them wise.

A Taco’s Worst Nightmare
By Mariana S.

A taco has a nightmare its being eaten.

chubby hands chase after the taco

it yells and cries
it falls and yells as the chubby

hands lunge at him

he wakes up and looks down
at his pants, uh oh…

and I dream about you
and I chasing tacos

Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade
Group 2

A Frog’s Dreams
By Matthew N.

A frog dream about lily pads and the swamp
The frog
dreams of jumping everywhere
in the fog
in the rain
the frog
dreams of a vacation in Hawaii
jumping in the
I dream of nothing
my mind is blank
just repeating over
and over til I die.
maybe I’m
frog jumping

in the

What Does A Turtle Dream Of
By Giovanni V.

A turtle dreams of water

A turtle dreams of food.
and food all day

a turtle dreams of sunbathing on
a rock
Splish Splash
Ploop and a mate

I dream of turtles
and I am dreaming

in my bed.

Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade
Group 3

Clock Dream
By Valentina B.

Clock dreams time could just pause
Clock dreams I could undo any mistakes.
Clock dreams I could go back in time.
Clock dreams my hands can just stop
Clock dreams I wish I didn’t have eyes all
eyes on me
Clock dreams, I could just rest
Clock dreams I wasn’t stuck in the room

but sometimes I wish time could go faster.

What Benito Dreams About
Maximiliano H.

Benito dreams of
dribbling a basketball

on a hot
summer day

Benito dreams

playing pickup
at the park

I dream of
playing basketball
with my friends

(including Benito)

A Monkey’s Dreams
By Christopher Q.

A monkey dreams about bananas.
It dreams about going through the
It dreams about using vines as swings.
It dreams becoming a gorilla one day.
But Max and Julian dream of being
monkeys one day.

I dream about having a lot of money
no school.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.