Scary as…

Before reading and discussing this week’s poem by Richard Brautigan, I spoke to students about simile, a figure of speech that compares two things, using like or as, and said to be on the lookout for any that might be in the poem. After hearing it read aloud by volunteers, I asked what the poem was about? We focused quite a bit on why the werewolf was crying—was he happy or sad, and if so, why? Also, why might his tears be described as “green and red”? I also asked why there was a space before the word “crying” on line 7, and why the poem is called “A Boat”? Turns out the simile in the poem compares the werewolf to “a boat / out on the dark / water”—how is this possible? The 2nd graders came up with many possibilities!

The prompt was to write a Halloween poem with at least one simile. Awesomeness awaits!

Mrs. Haddad, 2nd Grade

Elijah C.

A kid in the
talks to spirits!
Has bones on his chest,
eyes, legs, arms
his underwater transformation
face as scary as
a skeleton
may he
do what
to save

Penny C.

There is a monster creeping in the night.
It is actually a bat. The bat’s teeth are as
sharp as a knife, and it is as dark
as the night sky. When they hide
in the day, they sleep until night
to find their prey.

Molly M.

Monsters may
have lots of
teeth like
they all say
but my monster
is as small as
a tooth and sweet
not like all
the rest and
it means well
and now I
hope you know
that not all
monsters are

Alive Donut
Anabella M.

The scary alive donut
will eat so much. I
think he will eat you.
I think he will eat
everything at your
dinner. He is under
your bed. And in
November he will eat
you to parts. And
he loves bones. He
is so little. He
sleeps in your bed.

A Vampire
Reya S.

A monster a monster
in the night
scary for it is
blood runs down the teeth
its eyes were red
as it
got closer
bite it

Mrs. Ward, 2nd Grade

The Dracula
Eliana C.

He has a black cape. And teeth as sharp as a knife. And
a mouth as big as a lion. And has hair. And lives in a
haunted house. And has spiders all over his house. He
was not scared of anything.

Azyriah D.

are as
sneaky as
a cat and as
quiet as a mouse
as black as the night
so you better watch out
because they are coming.

The Giant Baby
Leon D.

One time I saw a
baby like
a mountain she stepped on
a tree a home
a book shop and a pizza
shop and a school.

Isabella G.

A black cat crossed my
path it was as black as a
storm boo boo oh o I’m a
jinx as I walked down the
pathway I saw a giant
vampire its teeth were as

it got me

my last
word was

Lawson G.

The moon is as
bright as the sun
a werecat comes
out meowwww
me me meowwww
I like cats yelled
said mom

Anaya S.

Frankenstein a big green monster
greener than a
leaf on a
he is tall
taller than a
with his
black suit
and pants
he is wrecking everything

Mrs. Daigle, 2nd Grade

Antonio A.

This big giant is as tall as a mountain.
He ate 25 trees. He is very mean.
He has a big amount of an army.
He smashed a lot of things. He was
smarter than grownups.
It was scarier than ghosts.
That was
really scary.

Sebastien D.

Monsters inside monsters outside
left and right they are as big as
a tree and when you go to
bed they eat your brains

Quinn E.

The monster
is as tall as the
sky and

About a Skeleton
Oriana H.

A skeleton was as tall as a mountain
and as tall as a giant and it some-
times pops out of something or it may
be a person making it pop out and
it may scare you and you may jump
and sometimes you might jump and that
is okay. BOO! BOO AND BOO!

Daniela I.

Don’t you like
it is fun
me too!


is a cool day.
Halloween is fun

Michael L.

I was scared of the monster it
was as scary as a
screaming banshee. I was
a Power Ranger, Dino Charge.

Gianni M.

He had
fangs as sharp
as a knife.
It was a

Nathan S.

There was a monster he was
as tall as a mountain his teeth
were as sharp as a knife he
was as strong as a gorilla and
an elephant his head was as hard
as a brick his belly was as hard
as a wall his feet were as hard
as a school

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

The Pumpkin
Paras C.

The pumpkins are scary
they can roll back and
eat you! Their teeth
are as sharp as
Allosaurus’ teeth!
Don’t buy pumpkins because
they’ll eat you!!! They’ll rip your
stuffies and throw them away and
tear your blanket! Don’t buy

The Spiders
Celeste D.

Spiders making
cobwebs in your house.
Daddy longlegs, black widows.
All the same.
They sometimes
scare you.
Jump out of your skin
when you see one.
Tarantulas can be pets.
Black widows can bite!
Don’t worry. Black widows
don’t live in Chicago.

Is It Scary
Brooke L.

On Halloween
night there was a
monsters with his
claws that was as
small/sharp and it
was a shot/a needle
I ate my candy with.
Someone that was running
that person’s costume was
a pumpkin.
Outside my house was a
bat what do you know it
was wearing a top hat the
girl who was running that was a
pumpkin accidentally poked the bat
with a fork and it was as scary
as a vampire
zooming through the night
get me boo!

The Halloween Ghost
Asher L.

One night on Halloween 2001, at 8:42 pm
on 31st Street there was a ghost; he was
as big as Skinner West. He had claws
they were as big as a dinosaur’s head.
Everyone on Racine would have to run
or drive away. And it was as big as
the planet Jupiter. P.S. It is 7 years old
like me.

Emika M.

are these harmless,
small heavy plants
really monsters?
At night, do they
morph into horrible
man-eating creatures?
Only one way to find out!
Run for your life!
Okay. Now I
understand that
things might not
be what they seem.
It’s after me!

Why Monsters
Benjamin M.

Why monster
is it because
of the claws,
sharp teeth,
dirty ears,
fangs, red eyes
or because night.

The Monster Battle
Lawrence N.

There once was a monster as big as
a dinosaur it was against troops of 100
troops it ate 7 and swallowed them but
then the rest of the troops held their
guns and shot the monster the monster
died and lost the battle.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.