Mirror, Mirror

This week’s poem was “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath. After reading it, I asked who was speaking in the poem, and a majority of students thought it was the mirror in the title. I told them this was an example of personification, which is when you describe something nonhuman as having human attributes. I followed up by asking if the mirror was the only speaker in the poem, and students noticed that, in the second stanza, it switches to a lake. Could they be the same? Because both have reflections, we decided that it was possible. We also talked about how the mirror and the lake in the poem are different; for example, the mirror is stuck on a wall, and the lake is in the ground; the mirror could be moved, but only part of the lake, by using a cup or a pail to bail water from it a little at a time.

We continued to discuss Plath’s complicated poem—including the simile in its last line—until it was time for the 2nd graders to compose their own poems using personification.

Mrs. Haddad, 2nd Grade

Do Not Eat Me!!!!
Sophia D.

My cupcake can talk and my
donut can talk. My cupcake said
why do people eat us? And why do
people eat my sprinkles off my donut?

Waris R.

When I was writing with my
pencil it started talking. It was
saying eat eat me please eat
me it was weird it was so

Aidan S.

Once I was playing on my Wii U
it somehow got personified
it said play my other game
it’s very fun!!!!
really try

Andrew W.

My game named DBZ Goku
and the others be talking to me.
I tell them can you please
turn your regular hair blue? Then
they do it. It’s a fun game
and I play it with my friends.
It’s a cool game for

Mrs. Ward, 2nd Grade

Clevon G.

They can say I can
help you they can follow me
wherever I go.

Connor G.

Soldier Field was talking
about the Bears vs. the
Vikings. And they thought the
Vikings would win. But the
Bears won!

We won!
And boo!

Tori P.

I wish my owner could understand me.
I wish I can come to a party or school with
them. I wish I could dance, walk, run like my
owner, just, I wish I could be a human.

Russell P.

I was yummy I am cool
my brother got eaten by a
human or human means eating
food eater I was eaten by
me hitting a human in the
face. I did nothing. I…..was

Noah S.

A dog says
to the cat why
do you talk?
How do you talk?
Don’t you notice who
you’re talking to?
Oh yes I am.

Mrs. Daigle, 2nd Grade

Lana D.

The apples are talking
why oh why? They’re driving
crazy through apple
they’re gonna
kill me why oh why?
What is happening

to these weird
oh my

what are
these apples
they’re saying
when a
worm comes
oh help me
Well I
about you.

Rhyian H.

I am an apple. Sometimes I wish
that I had a birthday and
I got eaten but no one wants to
eat me.

Elijah O.

I found a pizza at my school
and I want to eat him

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

Kathleen A.

The clock knows the time the clock
says tick tock and tick. The clock
has little hands that shows then there’s
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My clock
is called the tick tock clock. The clock
strikes 12 when the elves come there
are many kinds of clocks.

Talking Dog
Rylie J.

I was in my
room my dog
was at my door I hear
something. But everyone
was asleep it was my
dog it was a weird thing
to do I took my dog
to the vet. But he was
all good then I was OK
what a talking dog.

The Talking Basketball
Cullen J.

It could walk.
It could talk.
It could run.
It was a baseball.
No it was a soccerball.
No it was a basketball
that had talked.
I played
with it
it was the
Basketballs are the best.
I loved it.
It had basketball games
we can play.
The final score
was 1,000,000,000
to 0.
We win!!!!!

The Talking Leopard
Sarah K.

Once there was a talking leopard it had
stripes it could talk to me oh me
only so I
can talk to a leopard
it gave me some
powers to
talk to animals
so I talked to
animals all day so I
love them so…i love them!

The Magic Basketball
David L.

At a basketball
court…my basketball was
saying “ow!” when I got a free shot.
Saying “ow!!” when I got a 2-pointer…
saying “ow!!!!” when I got a 3-pointer.
What a weirdo basketball.

The Talking Money
Nehemiah O.

People are rich
when they
have lots
of me
I come
from a
bank or
I am
fresh or
bent or
I have
many shapes
and sizes
don’t steal me
just spend me
that’s it.

I’m the Talking Cereal Bowl
Eshaan P.

talking cereal bowl!
Someone always eats from me
can you guess what they
eat from me? It is some cereal.
Yes it is the spoon always
bangs on me and I get
hurt. But I don’t like it
so I RAN AWAY I saw
another cereal bowl I fell
in love so we had to
kiss so we married
we went all around the
world we went to Willis Tower,
Empire State Building and to the
Taj Mahal.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.