Sabin Winter Showcase Shout Outs!

This year at Sabin’s Winter Showcase some poets will be performing! If you don’t have a chance to see them live, or if you’d like to read their poems over, and over again…check them out below!


¡Este año por el escaparte de invierno algunos poetas performarán! Si no puedes ver los en persona o si querrías leer los poemas una y otra vez…¡aqui estan abajo!


4th & 5th Grade Classes





A falling out, a scream, a shout.


A deep black hole, the name of the word. 

So how the sun will cry.


Sad goodbye, look at the sky,

you will never see me again.


I will leave, I might climb a tree

and fly away from cages.


I’m free, a bird, a bird eating mice,

a mouse eating cheese,

hide the corn away.


Lost in a field, a shape.


Don’t look at the field, stay away

for it will hurt you in the end.


So we are friends again?

Like the rabbit and the mouse?


So I will see you later today.


Are you the rabbit? A, I the mouse?

We will find out later today.







My elf is here, I think Christmas is near.


The lights are up and Christmas is fun.


The tree is done, Christmas is like a big run.


The stockings are nice like Christmas’s cold winter ice.


The presents have been set down, Christmas is like buying a new gown.



I Like to Draw



I like to draw:


I have black curly hair and two eyes.

I’m outside, in the park.

I’m playing on the swing, and the slide, 

and it’s sunny.

I’m not with any friends, I’m sitting down

drawing a Rick & Morty with chalk.


No one sees him drawing

And he things he is going 

to do well.








This is my shadow,

I can’t see it,

I can’t feel it,

but when it’s dark, lights out, 

and walking outside,

wind blowing, leaves flowing,

bird chirping,

my shadow POPS out

wondering: Why do I have 

a shadow, me, in my mind?


Everyone has a shadow.

What does shadow stand for I ask?




doors trapped

open hearted

windows cracked?




Saber Amigo


Las amistad son los amigos 

que son respetuosos

y las que juegan contigo

y te ayudan en todo lo que pueden.


Los amigos se pueden encontrar 

en el parque.

Se puede jugar con tus amigos.


Los amigos se pueden encontrar.


Y en la escuela,

se puede estudiar y aprender.

Puedes aprender poesía, se puede

aprender matemáticas

pero también

se puede jugar con los amigos.






I see out of the window

snow, and fun, and everything.


I go out to see it’s snowing

because Santa is coming,

but he only comes on Christmas Eve.


And I’m sleeping early

because “he sees when you’re sleeping,

and he knows if you’re awake.”


So be ready, because he is coming

and I wish for you all to have a good 

Christmas and a happy new year!



Kittens in the Weather


The kittens

in the play

pen snuggling


They are

doing that

because of

the weather,

because of 

the weather

they need

a sweater.

And because

of the sweaters

they won’t 

be cold like

the weather.




Renesmee, Areli, Sierra


Friends are people who make you laugh

and make you get in trouble for laughing,

and who always put a smile on your face

no matter what.


Amigos es esa persona que sabe todo

sobre ti.


La persona en la que puede

Confiar para todo.


Esa persona es la que cambia tu tristeza a sonrisa.

Friends are people who care.


Finding good friends feels nice.

Friendship is important.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.