4th Graders and their 5 Senses

This week at Smyser Elementary the talented 4th graders take you on a journey of the senses! Enjoy their fantastical and realistic places of peace, and all the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds that accompany them!


Ms. Erzrumly’s Class 


A Happy Place 
by Abigail 

I see Cherry Blossom petals
falling from the branches
bunnies squeaking
birds chirping

I smell marshmallows
eat gingerbreaad mans
smelling chocolate
feeling fuzzy leafs



My Happy Place 
by Inas 

My happy place is full of
100 cute puppys and 100 cute bunnys,
walls full of cotton candy
walls. I can hear barking
puppys and squeaking rabbits.
I am touching soft cute rabbits
and puppys. and I am touching
cotton candy. I can taste
soft cotton candy and
smell lovely perfume



My Happy Place 
by Nickolas

I see a hermit crab
hiding in his minion shell
and my chromebook playing
an online game

I smell
cinnamon scented

I taste
spaghetti with
tomato sauce and

I hear typing
sounds coming
from my chromebook
click clack click



by Max 

There is material
to build with
motor movements
buzzers buzz

smell like candy
everything is touchable
you can make a project
out of anything



by Ezekiel

Going at the store and seeing nerds
everywhere and you could take it.



My happy place 
by Slava

My happy place is heaven to me
It’s full of books, that makes me happy
My place like a tree house, but different
It has very high ceilings and has
infinite books.

So whenever I lose a book,
it goes back to where it was!
My happy place is near the ocean sea
to make me calm with the scent

My happy place tastes like pizza,
candy, and milkshakes!
The sights are wonderful,
the sea is out of my window!

Now when I am stressed,
I go to this place to calm down.
If you are stressed today,
go to your happy place.


My cousin arms
by Ah’lana

I see being in my cousin arms
and I hear my cousin heart beat
I smell cologne
I touch his face
I ate cake


Ms. Edward’s Class 


My dream paradise 
by Grace 

I see the full moon on top of
the sky watching me sleeping
in my paradise
I hear animals sleeping
at the night
I smell my lamp burning light to
warm me.
I touch my softest pillow and my
plushie cuddling me while I sleep
I taste the smelling taste of the
marshmallow warming like my



by Daniel Castro

I see a very big place full of happiness and a big castle
I smell delicious tacos de birria
I taste all the food that god give us
I hear people talking a lot about how god is good
I touch the cloud and how fluffy as cotton candy it is.



Happy place 
by Fernando 

I see a

I hear
food cooking
my keyboard

I touch
my mouse
my bed
my food

I taste
my rice
my egg yolk
my banana

I smell
my mom cooking
my food
my warm room.



Happy Place 
by Dylan

I see my family
sitting on the
couch also with
my dog laying
on her bed

I hear my dog
barking at people
who don’t
look friendly

I can touch
my dog and
rub her belly

I can smell
my mom’s homemade

I can taste
my mom’s tasty
and yummy cooking.



My Happy Place 
by Yara 

I smell the sweet smell in the
air coming from that house over
there I knock on the door no one
is home I come inside to find a
portal to a boat
and the boats on a river
of chocolate and the boat is made
of nutella sticks so
I hop in the boat and I eat
the chocolate that was in the
boat then it takes me
across and I see the chocolate
I see marshmallow bunnies
cotton candy horses lollypop
birds then I see a factory
and go inside I eat a lot
of chocolate then explore
the factory then I thought
it’s time to go home
but then I see that same house
I open the door to find the portal
I rush inside just to wake up
in my bed.


Happy land
by Ethan W. 

I see a house.
I hear birds.
I smell chocolate cake.
I touch grass.
I taste cake.



My happy place 
by Matthew

Is my living room
I smell a candle with a cinnamon
with apples smell
I taste cereal
I hear cars driving by
I touch my playstation controller.









“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.