Rhyme and Pattern – Avondale Logandale 5th Grade – Fall 2019

Students in Ms. Pannell’s 5th-grade classes spent two sessions working on rhyme and creative writing.

The first-week students worked on rhyming patterns, learned brainstorming techniques and used examples from music to write original poems.

The second week they used these skills to write Winter poems as part of a larger class project.

Ms. Pannel 

5th Grade



My Tree

Hannah G. 


I see my tree,

With candy canes

And grab my key

I run outside with some tea

I have a sister her name is Bree

She says she’s going to Italy

I ask, what did you see?


She looked at me

And said I’m free

Then I turned and spilled my tea

In no time I had to leave.

Only to put up my Christmas tree



Joseph G.


I am cold

I’ve been told

Like the snow

I am bold

Like the game mate

I’ve been trolled



Nevaen D.


I’m going to the grocery store

I don’t know what for

But in the sunshine

Everybody’s looking fine



Benjamin Y.


If you have cheese gimme please.

Give it standing up or on your knees.

If you don’t give me cheese.

You will get bees.


Ms Pannell

5th Grade 

10:00 AM


Last Line

Nala P.


Amazing is just for my savings

But only when I’m having cravings

But nice is only for a price

Only when I’m rolling the dice

When I hear I find out who is near

Then I fall in fear

And then I cheer

I find my pet dear

And he was only clear



Henry A.


I dash through the crash

Like flash

I bash 

My door open to my secret stash



Edith M. 


I saw a fish 

Cleaning a dish

And eating a wish

Also talking to another fish

And his name is stitch 



Omar F. 


Winter is like kinder

Snow is like wonder

Snowflakes are like colder

Winter is so snowier

Snow is slower

Snowflakes are killer 


Ms. Pannel

5th Grade 




Abygail P.


I found a cute bunny.

He is very funny.

He gave me some money.

But the bunny is very muddy.

I gave him a bath that was very bubbly.

The bunny is now very fluffy. 



Jonathan S.


There is a tree

That has a bee

Instead of one there is three

That I could see

They say wee

They are free


Tap – Tap

Itzel C.


One of my family members has a space between her teeth aka. a gap

A dog sitting on my brother’s lap 

Looking for my cub’s baseball cap

Looking for that space tab

The scientist’s lab

Set up the rat trap

The Dora the Explorer map

Tap – tap – tap

The famous rap 


Song and Time

Alissa L.


I’m running out of time!

I get to the bus outside

When I get back I rhyme

SO I can write all these lines

Now it’s dinner time!

I eat some tacos with some lime

When I rhyme I feel fine

So I can have a good time!

Ugh its bedtime.  



Carina L.


It is winter

I’ll get a splinter

Let’s go quicker

I’m getting sicker

It will be winter



Levi V.


It was winter and I saw my friend Mitler

Then I got a splinter

And got sicker

And wanted a sticker



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.