Revisited Poems

Greetings West Park poetry friends and followers! After reviewing all of their poetry from the past six weeks, students selected a favorite poem to revisit, revise and read out loud. Students worked with a partner to identify which elements of their work could be improved or developed further, choosing to focus on line breaks, stanzas, or word choice.

This week’s published poems revisit the theme of family and friends in all forms!


Ms. Staudohar/Ms. Knight
6th Grade

I love my life
Aden T.

I love my life it is like clouds

I love my mom her voice soothes my nerves
I love my dad he helps when I need it
I love my little brother he loves to be nice to people

I love my sisters they love to shower me with gifts
I love my cousins they always protect me
I love my friends they… well I’ll let them figure that out

I love my life it is like petals on a flower


My family
Melanie G.

My family can be fun.
My family can be creative.
My family can be supportive.

Something I love about my family
Is even when they don’t have energy
they try to be fun.

They try their best to be supportive
When my cousins have games

My family speaks Spanish to understand each other
My family cooks the best food I have ever eaten


Ms. Lazaar
5th Grade

My Mom
Gael G.

She can cook
It is good
And she’s helpful
And she can be a babysitter

And is funny

She is creative
And she is brave
She is thankful


Police Team
Miracle S.

1. Police team, the dream team of being a police team, the hobby of my dream going down the halls with my dream team.

2. When my dream team gets happy they have hopes of being the police dream team.

3. When I was down the hall with my dream team we heard a big loud scream and I went down the hall with my dream team. 


What I think of my dad
Jailyn L.

I think of my dad as a good guy
I think of my dad as a hero
I think of my dad as a fun person
I love my dad and he
loves me ♡


Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 1

Henry A.

Basketball players
Soccer players


Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 2

My sister
Carla R.

My sister has many talents
Among them is being a hairdresser
She is so creative
That she makes amazing cuts for everyone
She likes to do different hairstyles
Like any other talented hairdresser
She is pretty, kind
And fun to be with!


My Dog
Brittny Q.

My dog is as small as a bread crumb
As long as my math class
As cute as a baby animal
As jumpy as a grasshopper
And as fast as a cheetah

My dog is my sunshine
He is the light of my day
He is my bandaid
My dog is my everything








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.