Out of School and into Summer Poems!

Greetings West Park poetry friends and followers! During our final meeting together, students celebrated their work by sharing  poems out loud with their peers and teachers.

Please help us celebrate students’ work by looking back through all of the poems that have been published this spring!

These final poems are a sampling of all the different themes and topics we wrote about throughout this residency, with a wish to send us out of the school year and into the summer!


Ms. Staudohar/Ms. Knight
6th Grade

On my way to the beauty supply shop
Alondra A.

Ring ring sounds my phone
Walk out the door turn left
Walk straight
   The light is green
      Make a right
The shop is here
   Says the map
      Blow blow the wind blows whoosh whoosh
Din don sounds the door
   Hello how can I help you today?


Vanessa V.

The different types of music.
I love them all.
They all bring me peace.

Cultural music.
Hip music.
Trending music.
Classical music.
Romantic music.
Rap music.

I love them all.
They bring me peace.
It makes me feel calm.
All kinds.
I love them.


Ms. Lazaar
5th Grade

sChOoL uUuUgGgG
Mia R.

Eat the very green bright grass
Touch the fresh air
Don’t look at the blue sky
You will not see the big scary place
UGH school


Jaylah V.

first go on your computer and go on an airplane ticket website
buy a ticket to japan and start packing your bags to go to the airport
then go to your car and put your bags in the car then start driving to the airport
once you’re at the airport take your bags and go check them in then take a seat in the airport
then go on the plane to japan and wait 8 hours until the plane gets to japan


My school
Jose M.

I go to school

Go and turn right

Then walk straight then turn left

Stop at the stop sign

Keep on walking

Then when you see a group of kids

Then you know you are there


Xbox is so trash
Izaiah H.

My ps4 is not like a xbox cuz xbox is

so trash it belongs in the garbage

ps4 is so good it belongs in my house


Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 1

the cool kid
Daniel P.

gang gang i love my phone and i found a rock outside yea
gang gang me myself and i, i love xbox and more gang gang yea that’s my poem yessir


How to get to foot locker
Sara S.

First drive then you go straight then
 You turn right then you turn left then
  You park the car then you walk and
    Then you are at foot locker


Messi’s House
Wilber A.

1. Go to the airport to Messi’s house
2. I Landed and I took a car to Messi’s house
3. He gave me free tickets to his soccer game
4. They won the game against Portugal
5. He took me to his house to sleep


Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 2

going to the pool
Julian L.

Come home from school
We’re going to the pool

You need to walk like three blocks
Look out for the cops

Then you would make a right
Then you should see a big light

Me and my friends at the school late at night


My soul
Estrella G.

Music is my soul,
It beats as strong as a heart beat,
It flows through my blood,
When I listen to music
I go into another world

Music tells my mood
If I am sad I listen to indie
If happy I listen to pop music
Or any other music in my playlist


Shark T.

Basketball is my medicine
every time I play
I feel lots better

When you play you
forget about everything
else, and just think
about basketball

You can learn everyday
you play, you just get
better, not worse








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.