Revisions & Readings

During our fifth and final week together, 6th graders at Dulles spent time revising their poems, then celebrated with a reading joined by the students of 302 and 303. To revise, students looked over all the poems they had written so far. They picked out favorite lines, combined poems, edited, and wrote new lines until they had at least one final finished poem. Hearing students share their work to a room full of people despite feeling nervous was a beautiful end to our time together.

Ms. Jackson/Ms. Walker
6th Grade


Christmas Spam
by Michaela B.

Christmas class is for fun
pppppget a lot of gifts
ppppppppppwhat can I say

pppppppppptime of God
ppppppppppwhere to give
pppppwe laughed o happiness

pppppChristmas tree is all I


What I Learned
Danya M.

People is kind and
I love my
pet snake
I like to play basketball
it’s fun cause I like to run
I like to rhyme cause I
like to sign
When I
ten I went
to Wisconsin
When it’s raining
I’m sick
My name is
Danya I was born
and raised in Chicago
my neighborhood
I fun
I went to
two other


The Reasons I Love My Family and Friends
by Ibn

I love my family because
they spend time with me and
they play football/basketball and we
do sleepovers and we play outside
and sometimes we fight and when I
grew my favorite color was blue. But I
changed it was red I had a pencil
with no lead.


Happiness Add On
by Marshaune B.

Happiness is like
making the sports
team happiness is like
getting to see your
friends on the weekend
happiness is like getting
your work done first
happiness is like getting
a good report from your
teacher happiness is like
spending time with family
happiness is like finishing
a book happiness is like
winning a competition
happiness is like playing
a game and getting
to be on the same
team as your friend
happiness is like getting
to do what you want.
happiness is like getting
some munyun\aka money


About Christmas
by A’Anna D.

I like Christmas cause
I can spend times with my
family and I’m going to
get a lot of presents.
And I’m going to get
a lot of good gifts and
my Christmas poem.


by Janayla S.

The light shines so bright
it blinds my eyes when I play
the game I’m in my zone
when I play ball I feel life
all I got to say is keep going
and never give up.


About Me & the Love for My Mother
by Maaliyah T.

I’m a little girl
who loves to eat & I despise heat
I have so much love
for my momma mainly
I love her so much
to the point where when she is out of my sight
it isn’t a delight
I love my phone because it lets me reach my best friend
it allows me to reach my mother also
When I walk up 7 flights of stairs
my legs are sore
Rubbing toothpaste on the mirror
when I was younger, it was like
a kid who just got tons of candy



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.