Positive Poetry at DuBois!

By exploring the way Nomi Shihab Nye uses imagery, descriptive language, metaphors, and similes in her poem Kindness, in our 4th workshop, the students thought about positive traits that they look for in friends, teachers, and family and wrote about the people that they feel have great integrity!

Ms. Dydo

8th Grade
Gemarian B.
Before you learn trust
you must be that boy
that learned how to
ride a bike and
know that the dad
was there holding him.
You must be that boy
when you have a cake
and his brother won’t
eat it.
You must be that boy
that left money
and cousin didn’t steal it.
You must be that boy
that doesn’t embarrass you
at school.
Pedro P.
A way that
my mom
is thoughtful
in every way
she think
my brother
my sister
She be
at the store
and she see
and she think
about us
like a tree
cares about it’s
she do
the same

Ms. Dydo

7th Grade
Shariel H.
Kindness is key
and I need it
to unlock my heart
Like when my brother
gives me random hugs
pressing his tiny fingers
against my thighs
That’s what kindness is
Navarra T.
Show some compassion
if you will
Don’t force the deeds
Do it
Show some compassion
show worry too
don’t be so bland
or rude
or slant

Ms. Dydo

6th Grade
Honest and Kind
Chauntalayne J.
I like a friend
that is honest
also kind
I like a friend like Tariah
she tells me
my pink shirt and green pants
don’t look very good
and a friend like Mike
who helps me play ball
when I didn’t know how to play
and a friend just like Quan
he teaches me how to flip
I can’t forget Ty
we talk all the time
or Lele and Tyreail
we made up a dance
when I had no friends
My friends are honest with me
That’s the quality
I like
My friends
tell me the truth
It’s the type
of friends
I like
Tyreail S.
Hardworking is a good thing
because if you work hard
you will succeed
in life.
One memory I have
with my mom
working hard
she used to work late nights
and early mornings
to make extra money
and I barely saw her
but now she has
 enough time for me
and she succeeded
in her new job t
hat she enjoys.
Hardwork pays off in your life.
One memory I have
with my Dad
he also worked a little bit longer
to get a little bit more money
support me and my family
and it was easy to pay the bills
and we got a car.
When you work hard
for A’s and B’s
that’s just what you will get.
One memory I have
when Davida was striving
to get all A’s and B’s
was in kindergarten
and she always trying
to get good grades
and she did when she tried
and she did when she worked hard!
If you think you can do it
work hard and you can do it.
A memory I have
when Jasmine was striving
to be better in math.
One day
the Assistant Principal
started tutoring in math.
Jasmine went
and she got better in math.
She thought she could do it
and she did!
If you work hard
you can achieve it!
One memory I have
when Leiara was striving
to do better in reading
when she studied and studied
for a reading test
and she got a good grade on it!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.