Lists For Our Families

The 3rd workshop we explored our connections to family, our life timelines, and how they’ve made us who we are!

Ms. Dydo

8th Grade
The Day
Tamia R.
The day we was in CP
The day me and Raquel had a food fight
The day I broke Kamarria’s ear phones.
I still owe her some new ones
The day we was in the library
we talked and laughed until it was time to go
The day me and Kamarria was distracting Raquel from testing
The day me and Jeniyah almost fought
we still have a very close bond
The day we was watching movies
The day Kamarria was running from the birds
she was so scared
The day Kamarria fought Jawan
The day me and Kaavel and Janiyah ditched gym
My Dad And Me
Malik I.
My dad was so brave
he made me what I am today.
He is so brave
that I thought he can fight
a lion or a three headed dragon.
He was so brave
that he can do
what he wants!
At least that’s what I think.
So I’m special too.
I can stand up and say
that he can fly,
that he can run,
like a flash.
He was so brave
that I thought he can
fight off gorillas and apes.
What if I tell you that
I can fight off a gorilla or apes.
You won’t believe me
but I do
and I know my dad do too!
I’m so brave
that I can stand up
to 150 bullies because I believe!
And if you don’t that’s ok.
But I do. I don’t care
what no body say about me
or my beliefs
I believe in myself!

Ms. Dydo

7th Grade
Danny S.
My Grandma
said she will hurt
everyone that tries to hurt me
One day me and my Grandma
was making lemon cookies
I eat a lemon cookie
and I start to get big in my face
so I want to the doctor to get a shot
so my face can go back to normal
My Grandma
took my hand
and after I came home
I was happy
So happy
to see her again
Cool Breeze
Andre L.
Feeling the cool breeze
smacking against my face
Tasting the best candy ever
had been made in history
Hearing my mom tell me
having younger siblings
came with great responsibilities
Holding my younger brother
for the first time
hearing him cry
made me feel sad
Raymond J.
Born – My mom felt happy
and I was happy but crying
Kindergarden – I  felt so excited
hearing other students
3rd Grade – I smell my mom’s cooking
for the first 3rd grade day
4th Grade – I felt so smart
and my mom saw how tall I was
5th Grade – My mom i sos proud of me
making it this far after loss of Aunt.
I felt the tear running down my cheek
6th Grade – After a year of losing my Aunt
I still hear her voice
and mom says, “My son is taller than me”
I see her below me
7th Grade – In a new class on e of the tallest kids.
Moving away I was surprised to see all  of the buildings of Texas pass by me

Ms. Dydo

6th Grade
Me and My Mom
Jasmine D.
Me and my mom
sitting in the warm house
on a cold day
watching a movie.
Me and my mom
putting up the Christmas tree
for Christmas
And me and my mom
made some cookies
it smelled so good.
We eat the cookies
it tastes so good
I ask for more.
And then she helps me
with my homework
I really needed help with it.
Me and my mom
listen to music all day.
My Mom
Albert P.
My Mom is everything
First when I graduated kindergarten
my mom was so proud of me
she hugged me very tight.
Second when we went to the beach
my mom dumped me in the water
the smile on her face was so big
Third when we went to the water park
I saw my mom holding my baby brother
and she was praying with him
making him smile
Fourth on Christmas day
I smelled my mom’s good cooking
Corn bread, red beans and rice.
It was so good!
Every Time
DeQuan W.
When I was 3 years old
in school I was getting
As and Bs in school
My mom wanted the best for me
Eery time the same day I see my dad
Every time I lay down I’m in bed
I had a dream that my mom was dead
Every time I go with her I bring Ted
I will and always love you
And I want to be above you
And you don’t want me to be like him
If you didn’t know his name is Tim
We sit down and talk when I was 10
he wanted me to grow like a man
Because when I am out there I have to defend.
I smell the smoke
when I came from school
I hope that it wasn’t mine
Then I look
I was so sad that
it burned down my house
so mad
It felt so very bad

*   *   *

The Poetry Center always highlights some full poems from each class within each blog post, however, I would also like to celebrate a few more poets!  So here are some snippets, quotes, and hot lines from some of the poems that didn’t get published in this post!
Hot Lines
Marvell M., 6th Grade
“…I sound like the ocean water…”
Jamal L., 6th Grade
“…standing in the kitchen with my mother while she cooked. the sugary smell of cornbread…”
William G., 7th Grade
“…the tears in her eyes came down to her cheeks where her smile once was…”
Kori R., 7th Grade
“…trees, grass, swings, slides
the park is a wonderful place
that’s where we met
i will never forget…”
Maurice F., 8th Grade
“my mother is always there for us…
she so brave, happy, strong, and able to accomplish anything in life…”
Tyrell G., 8th Grade
“Kentucky was hot and racist
Mississippi food you don’t want to taste it…”



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.