Poetry Is a Family of Words –– Poetry is @ Moos

This week the 3rd grade students wrote their very own Ars Poetica. Now quite a few weeks into their residency, its time for these poets to let us know what poetry is for them!

Our new second grade team, now three weeks into their residency, tried their hands at similes! Enjoy their great work below!

Ms. Sigmond
3rd Grade

Poetry Happy Thing
Angel L.

Poetry is like an “A” because it’s awesome
Poetry is like singing
Poetry is like art
Poetry is a big party
Poetry doesn’t feel blue
Poetry makes my day
Poetry is like gold
Poetry is a family of words
Poetry is like Puerto Rico
Poetry is a piece of cake
Poetry is like school
Poetry is like the world
Poetry is my life
Poetry is everything to me


Poetry Is
Christopher B.

Poetry is like a slice of pizza
Poetry is raining cats and dogs
Poetry is like shine that never stop shining
Poetry is like the clouds


Michelle R.

Poetry is like a rose
Poetry feels like a rainbow
Poetry is like a diamond
Poetry is like a magical place
Poetry is like a fire

Poetry is like a flower blooming
Poetry feels green
Poetry is like “E” for Excellent
Poetry is like a smile
Poetry is like puzzles of happiness and life


Ms. Willis
3rd Grade

Poetry Describing

Poetry is like you’re
floating on a fluffy cloud
Poetry tastes like you are
eating gold cereal
Poetry feels like you’re
getting a puppy, Poetry
is like trees blowing
in the strong wind
Poetry is like the gem
that made you rich
two years ago
Poetry is like catching
a fairy and playing
with it forever and
never letting it go


How Poetry Feels
Darius M.

Poetry is blue and calm
Poetry is silent and quiet
Poetry is all the light colors
Poetry is a cave with happiness
Poetry is like imagination coming to life
Poetry is a book with feelings
Poetry sounds like quiet piano music
Poetry sounds like jazz music
Poetry is yellow and blue put together
Poetry is a city with no noises
Poetry is like writing a feeling book
Poetry is like a calm feeling book



Poetry feels like peace
and quiet. Poetry feels like
you’re in Mexico. Poetry
is a nice and quiet air.
Poetry is like you’re floating
in air. Poetry is like a
hot summer. Poetry feels
like hot chocolate. Poetry
feels like getting a



Ms. Mathes
2nd Grade

The second graders learned about comparisons, specifically similes! Check out their inventive simile poems below:

Comparison Poem
Kenya H.

a feather is like a cloud
a mouse is like a bunny
grapes are like berries
a butterfly is like an eagle
fans are like wind
water is like snow
a timer is like a car beeping
a turtle is like a pig
a cat is like a dog
a whale is like a dolphin
thunder is like lightning
jellyfish is like fish


Comparison Poem
Destiny D.

Flying is like a blowing wind
Sadness is like the color blue
Anger is like the color red
Joy is like the color yellow
School is like my home
A bird is like a butterfly
Paper is like a light feather
Light turning off and on is like thunder of lightening
People talking is like people screaming
A train is like a motorcycle driving fast
snow is like fain falling


Comparison Poem
Aramis R.

Cotton is like a fluffy cloud
Writing is like surfing
Glue is like a ribbon
A finger is like a stick
A crayon is like a pencil



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.