Planets Beyond this Earth

Twain Elementary 6th graders visited other planets for their fourth week of poetry. We discussed how we can create the ideal world. Most students thought it would be great to have a world where people recycled and protected plants and animals, where there is no pollution, war, or racism.

Together we read the poem “Another Planet,” by Dunya Mikhail. In her poem Mikhail uses similes and personification to create her own unique planet. The war has left its “r” behind and turned into love, so the weapons sleep beneath the dust/and the planes pass by without shelling the cities, And the boats look like smiles on the water.  Mikhail dreams of a planet of peace and kindness.

Inspired by Dunya Mikhail, students wrote their own poems, creating planets that exist in their imaginations, but maybe one day can become a reality. So, readers get your tickets and book a trip to other planets that lie just beyond this Earth.


Mr. Burford’s 6th Grade
Group 1


The Unique Planet
By: Isabel M. 

My planet is as cold as an iceberg.
On my planet the stars dance until sunrise.
My planet is solid like a rock.
On my planet the clouds smoke and pollute the air.
 My planet it’s delightful as a cake.
On my planet the wind whispers gently in my ear.
My planet is growing like a plant.
On my planet the sky gets furious and throws lightning.
My planet is as bright as the sun.
On my planet the grass tickles you while you walk by.
My planet is as fragile, like a flower.
On my planet we get earthquakes when the planet gets scared.
My planet is chaotic like a tornado.
On my planet leaves shiver when they get nervous.


Antonio O.

On my planet its very smart and wise
It’s as big as the sun
My planet the trees fly away
On my planet it is as green as fresh grass
On my planet the plants run away
The ocean is as teal as a crystal
My planets sand is as red as blood
On my planet the birds walk on the sky
My planets ground is like concrete
On my planet the people crawl on the ground
My planet speaks to the other planets around it
On my planet the animals stand still like statues
My planet is hiding in secret
On my planet it’s as quiet as a mouse
My planet everyone speaks different languages


by: Daisy S. 

My planet is as light as a feather
My planet is round like a ball
My planet is pretty like the moon
My planet as warm as a light
On my planet flowers dance with the wind
On my planet animals talks with people
On my planet ocean does tricks for people
On my planet clouds always sings



Mr. Burford’s 6th Grade
Group 2


A Ticket to a New World
By Jonathan A.

A ticket to a Rocket,
It takes off to an unknown planet.
I get closer, and closer, and closer to the planet
It lands, and see a world that looks like ours,
But it just doesn’t feel like it.

Flowers are always blooming, singing happily.
People never feel sad, they always have a smile.
Trees are as bright as a sunflower.
The weather is perfect, like a nice cool and warm cake.
What can happen next?

Schools doing fun activities,
Food trucks everywhere,
Malls full of everything,
And anything we ever wanted could happen.
I wish I live here, but my world is all I need.


The Dark Planet
By: Xsenia B.

On my planet animals talk to me all day
The clouds are dark like a dark fog
The moon is light like the sun
The people are like animals sometimes
The sand is soft like a blanket
The water talks to me almost everyday
The thunder speaks with anger and
The rain speaks with happiness
Half is filled with light and half it is filled with darkness
But it doesn’t matter what side is it in it will always
Be a dark dark planet


My Planet
By: Maribel T.

My planet is shaped like a rainbow
the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink
fill your brain with joy and creativity.
My planet can jump as high as a kangaroo can
jumping from color to color.
On my planet humans and animals can communicate
with words and actions
you will be considered lucky if the animals
communicate through words.
On my planet the wind sings to you


Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 1



by Xavy H.

The Ticket to my planet will be
5 dollars for each person
And it will be free for kids 13
And under.

My planet is as peaceful
As can be.

Planet includes new
Races such as Cybertronians.

The name of the planet will
Be like Teletran-1.

The Technology is advanced
And the plant life is as
Healthy as a tree.

Teletran-1 is healthy just as
Mother nature intended.

Teletran-1 is a home world for
Everyone as long as they are
peaceful and if they are not they
Will be executed.

Teletran-1 will have a special squadron
Called the 501’st legion. They protect
And serve many.

Teletran-1 will have a fine if people litter
On the floor or run a red light.

Teletran- 1 welcomes every race from humans to aliens
The planet also welcomes each religion and language.



My Perfect planet…
By Vanessa J.

My planet is peaceful like a book.
My planet is as long as infinity.
My planet is full of writing like poems.
My planet has hoops and basketballs all around.
My planet has bouncy houses and pools everywhere.

On my planet, the moon always hides under shades of the clouds.
On my planet, the moon always gets along with the sun and they understand each other.
On my planet, everyday is fun and exciting.
On my planet, kids and teens get ice cream and go to the pools everyday.



My Planet
By Emily L.

My planet is as calming as music
It is as beautiful as flowers
The clouds in my planet is as soft as cotton candy
On my planet people live in houses that
look like mushrooms

In my planet there is no violence
and wars at all
There are butterflies that change color
on the temperature
There is only cherry blossom in my planet
The wind is a perfect



The Z planet
By: Jaime Z.

I got a ticket to a far planet in space called the Z planet.
It is like earth but much different.
It is shaped like a ball, it’s as warm as a microwave.
It is like a video game. It has bright flowers.
The people are as hard as chocolate. The trees are playing cards.
The birds fly every day and the animals are sweet like sugar.
The planet has one ring when it faces the sun it turns a little bit gold.

if you come to my planet. It looks like this:

Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 2


The Purple Perfect
By Cristina R.

The other planet,
The purple planet,
No danger, no pain, no consequences,
Is full of fun and safe.
No bad secrets, no weapons.
So clean and colorful too.
The grass dyes its hair.
All the colors in the rainbow.
The sky is yellow and the clouds are red.
The leaves on the trees fly away with their jetpacks.
My planet is as cold as a freezer,
Made of ice cream so it makes sense.
My planet is as weightless as space, too,
Floating away like the leaves in the trees.
The wind blows and it smells just like vanilla,
The water is lavender.
So many things to do,
In the purple planet.


What really happens when we disappear.
Natalie S.

Imagine a world better than earth.
Where the cities have been destroyed after years of decay.
And the trees reclaim what has been taken from them.
Where you can see the stars, again. And no smog fills the sky.
The world as it once was.

Where animals don’t have to worry about the most dangerous predator of all.
Where animals don’t have to go to cities to find new homes.
Because cites have already been reclaimed by the wild.
Where animals reign over all as they did before us.
The world as it once was.

Where war and crime is no more.
Because there’s no one to cause it.
With no global warming.
Because there’s no one to cause it.
The problems humans caused are no more
Because it’s the
the world as it once was.

This world is earth.
Long after the fall of humans.

When the world returns to its natural state as it was before us.
Where the world will become natural again.
Until the next species rises,
But they will fall like we did.
And the cycle will start again, and again, and again
Until earth itself dies.



By Enrique R.

As you slowly approach the dark gray sphere,
you can’t tell if it has a surface or not.
After you achieve the 5.3 degrees needed to enter the planet,
not knowing if the atmosphere is capable
of burning your spacecraft, you proceed
to get into the land.
You land and notice that the craters are just endless
holes that never end. You’re scared of risking losing
anything, so you decide to not drop anything
to try. The first step you take, you feel a little nibble
on your boot. So you lift your foot up and see
a rock with teeth biting and chewing on your boot.
You try to shake it off, but it’s teeth are so strong that it just stays on there.
You decide to just walk with it under your foot, and continue on your mission.
It’s cold on this planet, you shiver.
You grab the thermometer and check the temperature of the planet. -147 degrees Fahrenheit!
Wow, it is cold here.
You start walking, after a few miles, you notice
that there is visible ice,
meaning that this planet could be habitable.
Ice is just frozen water, so you instantly
know that humans can live on this planet.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.