Pizza Restaurants & Baby Zebras: The Dreams of Darwin Elementary

This week: our dreams! Full of hopes, fears, and chocolate houses…

Ms. Robbins
2nd & 3rd Grade

Sweet Dream
Janelle R.

My dream is filled with all
of the colors and paintings.
There are deers and dolphins
with very tall waterfalls, they
have chocolate and other candies
for a house. They have polar
bears and seals. They
have cute cuddle animals. They
have zebras and baby zebras.
They have pizza restaurants.
They don’t hurt other animals or my
animals. We have fun every day.
Then we play every time with
my zebra. She plays with
her baby then I play with the
baby. The chairs are gummy bears.
The tables are made out of cookies.


My Dream
Nathan M.

I have a motorcycle it’s blue
and gold. I ride to the
park. I do a wheelie on my
motorcycle and everbody
likes it. Then, I do a
back flip.


My Dream
Nicole E.

My dream is to have a castle and I
could be a queen and do whatever
I want.

My dream is to be a bull so I
can have horns and be big
and strong.

My dream is to have school
everyday: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday for Ms. Beth to come.

My dream is to be a werewolf so
I bite people and have big teeth
and paws and fur.

My dream is to be a dragon so I could
breath fire and fly and have bigger
feet and bigger paws.

My dream is to be a cheetah so I could have
a big tail and run fast and eat meat and
eat animals.

Ms. Vargas-Mendez
3rd Grade

The Perfect Dream
Emanie R.

I dream of finding a land where everything is perfect
I dream of having my own castle as big as a school house
I dream of having a pool as big as a house in my castle
I dream of having all of my friends with me


Everything I Want In My House

In my dream I was doing
tricks in the halls all along
and I was dancing in the
hall and I was singing
the song Don’t Believe Just
Watch with my friends and
I was happy


Strange Day!
Marian M.

Strange people… strange things
all awake, I was super crazy,
boys around me… Yuck! Robot
princess in my room trying to
kill me! Talking in the night,
so scary. School day, eat
germ beans and pizza
sandwiches, YUCK to that!
Drums sound… but no one is
drumming, a drum is drumming me!
I’m going into a strange galaxy…
Oops it was only a dream.


Ms. Arango
2nd Grade

A Cute Dream

I dreamt that I was
on a rainbow of colorful
colors and I lived in a
beautiful castle and
I was a princess
and I have a good sister
and a good brother and
a million presents


John R.

In my dream I am an architect
of construction, and one day I find
a crocodile

And in another dream I see
a lot of dinosaurs alive that
are extinct

And in another dream I have
a telescope in the car, with
food, and a TV, and a lot of things


My Dream
Milan B.

My dream is… I go to
Mexico! Because my uncle
lives there. My dream
is to fly! fly! fly!
there to live.
He has two houses,
one dog. He said
one day I can go there.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.