Personifications of Interest

We’ve previously examined how writers use personification as one element among many in some of the poems discussed to date. On the other hand, personification is the focus of Federico Garcia Lorca’s “The Guitar.” However, the title instrument isn’t the only thing with qualities or abilities that only humans have; “hot southern sands,” arrows, water, the wind, and also the evening are personified by Lorca. Students recognized an intense emotionalism throughout the poem as well.

Here are some examples of their own works using personification.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

The Shoe
Chase A.

The shoe
it dances
goes up on relevé
it turns
it leaps
it twirls
it pulls its leg up so high
that it reaches its ear
until it breaks
it wobbles
it cries
it lays on its side
it is worn out
it dances no more

Jacqueline B.

Each day, each night,
Two main beings walk around
The Earth
The Sun, big, wide, and tall,
Walks slowly around the Earth
Using its time to shine

The Moon, smaller than the Sun,
Not as tall as the Sun, but taller
Than some others, frowns, walking
Fast to have its own time to

The Pencil
Daniel L.

Its mind races
yearning for a tale
to write.
The boy picks it up.
The pencil starts to write.
But, then!
It flips, the marks
are gone.
It is left
there as
its mind races
yearning for a drawing
to create.
The girl picks it up.
Light movements
fly across
the paper.
Until the paper crumples
thrown in the trash
and it sits there as
its mind races
yearning for a tale to write

Falling Raindrop
Kelly L.


a glistening raindrop
unexpectedly falls
yearns for purpose in this new world


a light splash
the raindrop found its purpose
it nests calmly in a bright green leaf

looking at its surroundings
it is at peace

The Weather Outside
Ishaan M.

The sun is waking up.
Birds are singing.
Kids are going to school.
Alarm clocks are ringing.

Kids are going home.
The sun is shining bright.
Trees are dancing in the wind.
The sun is shedding light.

The sun is going to sleep.
The moon is waking up.

Ms. Nelson, 4th Grade

Grace A.

black rain
mocking my
mournful soul
black cats
crossing my path
bringing bad luck
wherever I go
the piano plays
its tears of sorrow
happiness as a secret
lie of truth

The Flip Flop
Innocent M.

It was this flip flop and the
flip flop went to Burger King to
get some food and then went
got some water but the flip
flop was too short so he fell
down and broke the flip flop

Jazzy M.

I love my phone
I wash it
I feed it
I care for it
I love it

The Chair Is ALIVE
Piper T.

The chair is crying
The chair is panting
The chair is a friend
The chair is a person
The chair is crazy!

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Bob Pets
Ethan H.

My dog says hi
My cat says hi
They say hi

My dog can draw
My cat can punch
My dog can run
So he does
My cat eats ants
My dog can hide
So he does
My cat can talk
My dog can cry
So they do

My dog can scratch
My cat can punch
There is a fight

My dog can cry
My cat can yell
So they do

Physically Scarred
Lucas M.

This paper
Scarred with every
Word written on it
Groaning with pain

Siya S.

guitars can

scrunchies can

books can

paper can

letters can

doors can
open you

The Rainy Day
Khloe S.

It was a rainy day
the rain so happy
to come out and play

the rain was splashing
on all the windows in town
like when you’re jumping in
the pool
and coming down

The rain had such a fun
he can’t wait to come out
and play another day

Colin S.

I watch the moon

The earth spinning

The space suddenly has a
mind of its own

I make what I want

bring my creation to life!

Ms. Lyons, 4th Grade

Milania G.

The crayon colors the page.
The crayon stays in the lines.
When the crayon, it goes home in its box.
The crayon box is colorful.

The Ball
Justin H.

The ball weeps as it’s kicked
no one hears.
It tries to run away.

I think I’m safe
the net yells when I hit it
when I’m flying I yell.

I say hi to the net
once, twice, three times.

Game over.

Jaden J.

a basketball runs across the court
it jumps to dunk
the net grabs the ball and pulls it through
the court talks when the players’ shoes stop quickly

The Wind
Mia Q.

Chasing leaves as so.
It seems as if it will never come home.
Blowing all the way the lawn will never fate.

Wind is as fun as Bill Gates.
Making the flow really glow.

Blowing away all the fate.

Tatiana T.

My dog steals our food.
He laughs when my baby brother makes him laugh.

Ms. Makris, 4th Grade

Things That Talk to Me
Louis D.

The things that talk
to me like food it told me
to eat something else
like table told me
to not hit it with my hands
like the garbage can told me
to not put garbage in it.
Like the computer told me
to keep writing the story
like the paper told me
to not throw it out
and those things they told me
were things.

Corey E.

water can move
water is alive

The Crazy Nonhumans
Ari G.

The birds are talking
My water bottle kept on
Screaming. My stomach’s saying
“Feed me.” The animals are
My toilet is crying
My chairs are dying
My computer is dry.

Water World
Ella K.

The world was spinning and it
got dizzy as I sucked the emotions
out of the water bottle.

The world stopped spinning then the
water bottle got emotions.
Then the tree was silence.

Then everything on Earth was still
and happy!

The Ice
Richard N.

The ice jumps out of the
walks on water

jumps on the door
flies down the door

slides on the floor
gets sad from no friends
sees his friends with a new person
feels lonely
dies from sadness



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.