Mystical Myths From 5th & 6th Graders

Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders made it to their tenth week of poetry! Our lesson for that session was all about myths. Before the concept of science, in ancient times people used myths, stories to explain the early history of the world, mankind, and nature. Myths were usually passed down from one generation to the next. Every culture around world has their own unique myths. Most students have already learned about Greek Mythology, but also ancient African and South American Civilizations. A few students even mentioned popular movies, T.V. shows, and books inspired by myths such as the Percy Jackson Series, Disney’s Hercules, and Moon Knight.

Together we read the poem, “The Sun,” by Valeria R, a former 8th grader from Haugan Elementary. In her poem, Valeria writes her own myth of how the sun was created. According to the young poet the sun was born by a human woman.

And her skin… her skin… it was golden
It could possibly make you go blind
You would receive such a warm feeling
It had been very cold before she was born
But all of a sudden after her coming
It all was warm
Wherever she passed the snow
melted and flowers grew.


Inspired by Valeria R. students wrote their own myths to describe the origins of people, places, and nature.




Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1



Born to Be An Angel
by Khaleah B.

A hundred myths ago from today,
there was a girl named Emeri.
Rumors say she was born as an

Before she was born, her mom
was a poor single mom.
But this baby had to be her milestone.

When Emeri was born a day after,
she grew wings and every time
someone was sad, just by saying
be better, they were better.

God blessed her to keep going.

The End.


Vivid Wind
by Rio T.

My name is the wind.
I enjoy my life.
I’m dancing in the sky and
I’m singing in the air.
I’m created by a god,
he, blowing me out of his mouth.
When he saw it was too hot for everyone,
he will blow me out.
When a god blows too hard,
I can make some house broken,
but I can make everybody feel cool.
When I’m angry, I’ll create tornados.


The Moon
by Laniya W. 

A long time ago, a boy was born.

He had bright and clear skin that was brighter than a light,
White and healthy hair, and the perfect blue eyes
His mom named him Luna.

Every time it becomes dark, he will light up the sky,
so, it won’t be too dark.

One day, his bright and clear skin, white and healthy hair,
and perfect blue eyes was all gone.

A new light to make the sky bright had replaced him.




Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


by A’niya D.

It was an alien.

The alien created a human.

The human changed the world
by having an alien friend.

Then the alien went back to outer space.

Then never came back.


The Dog’s Myth
by Kameron P.

One day there was a dog that was created by a God.
He was the chosen one and he was born in the sky.
He went to a forest and his job was to a man powers.

So, the man was crying, and the dog saw him and hugged him.
Then he was happy now and got powers.

And they flew away…



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1


A Marble’s Future
By Siyaar C. 

A long time ago

Zeus gave a kid a marble.

The kid played with it,
looking at the stars.

Th marble turned into a strange,
liquid, then got bigger.

And bigger and bigger

Then it rose up and became
a planet, Mars.


Why Mars Is Inactive 
By Ashonti H.

Ares needed a home

A home war and red

It started as a transparent circle,
then as it grew the color came

People started to name it.
Aer-Decher! the man said
Red One, the woman said.

Anyone who looked at it, it would
make them mad.

What would Ares name it?


Then Ares fled, moved on to Earth.

And Mars became inactive.
Where was Mars now?


Star Myth
By Ameer R.

There was a tiny orb in Outer Space.
It was so shiny, and it was an egg.

It looked like a star.

When it hatched it was all alone.
It named itself Star. 

The King of Space can create stars.
Star Mother was captured and killed
by the Guards of Aliens.

Star had never met his mother.

Star mother sent message in his head,
so, he could still talk to her.

When Star found out that the
Alien Guards killed his mother.

Star wanted revenge…


Saturn Rings Creation
By Willie H.

Saturn was once a single woman.
She was lonely, sad and old.
She was never going to find love.

One day she saw the most handsome men:
Menacing Mercury
Volatile Venus
Energetic Earth
Moody Mars
Judgey Jupiter
Nasty Neptune
and Understanding Uranus.

She married them all.
That’s how she got her seven rings,
but not one from Pluto.

Pluto likes Saturn, but Saturn doesn’t like him,
because it is not a planet anymore.




Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
   Group 2


Mind Controlling Kronos
By Taniya A.

On this day billions of years ago there was once a god named Kronos.
Kronos had other gods tried to take his throne.
So, one day, he decided to create dinosaurs to protect his throne.

He used a little bit of Kronos magic to create some dinos.
After the dinosaurs were created Kronos and his dinosaurs
became The Evil 3. Because he made 2 huge dinosaurs to
stick to his side for life.

Kronos then decided to mind control random people
to start tearing down trees and he held them in the universe.
Never traveling outside or they would get shocked if they
if the tried.

to be continued…


By Mbaye D.

One day…                                

Two astronauts went far into space.

While in space, they found a planet
named Krypton.

Upon seeing Krypton, they got hit
by a magical meteor.

The magical meteor gave them special powers
with a variety of abilities.

Such as flight, super strength, and laser vision.

Decades later, a baby boy was born.

While the destruction of Krypton was
crumbling down

they sent him to Earth.

Where he then found his adoptive parents
and learned to develop his powers.

Then that’s when he got his name

and became one of the most known
superheroes known to man.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.