Personifcation- “Why do you do the things you do?”

On Monday at Perez, we talked about personification, and how it can help us write about larger than life ideas, like time, emotions or nature. We also explored how we can personify everyday objects around us in order to tell our stories, and talk about ourselves in different ways. This week, we have a few serious poems that speak to the moon, to the ocean, and to war. And we have a couple of humorous pieces, that include a short letter to aliens along with a pair of talking shoes! Enjoy these poems by Mr. Reinholdt’s and Ms. Armstrong’s 7th and 8th graders. 


7th Grade 


La Luna

Mia F. 


En una de mis noches de soledad

con el corazon en pedacitos

en mis penas le pregunté a la luna,

¿Que sera de esas personas que deje 

en mi pais? 

a tan solo un vuelo de distancia.

Entre llantos le pregunto

si la culpable soy yo. 

Ella solo me responde que 

sanare con el tiempo.

Yo desolada le pregunto

como serian las cosas

si estubiera con ellos

ella me dice que solo no pienses en eso

y entre muchos sentimientos

me pregunto a mi 

¿Ya es hora que los deje en al pasado? 


The Ocean



Oh ocean, how deep you really are

how deep blue you are, how your water

shows reflections, how you make waves

how you make me wonder, how is life underneath

the water? Oh how I could go on, 

I also wonder, why or how are you 

so blue, why are you blue on top, but

so dark on the bottom? Why must you

be so salty? Why do you 

do the things you do? 


Ernesto G



For any extraterrestrial beings outside

of earth, or on earth, I would like to 

know, how does it feel to float in

space? Is it crazy, do some get lost? 


8th Grade- Group 1


Juan R.



It looks like an

Endless void

But is there really an end? 


What does it look like

up there, is it

really all just dark

with nothing there

just planets? 


Why is it freezing up there

is there a secret 

thing that controls whether

it’s cold or warm? 


Jose P. 



slow down

you use me everyday 


I have so many 



why don’t you get new


I’m old as time.

You’re so fast,



I see

so many shoes at school

nice ones,

why don’t you get

nice shoes like


Your feet 


from running in 

Mr. Millikans


all day 


Lizette P. 

A Backpack Small and Full


Why are you so heavy? 

So small and compact

Holds all and can never hold more

Pains and aches

Posture not straight


A backpack 


My backpack 

like a jungle where nothing can be found


Giovanni F. 

The Clock 

The clock 

sees many faces

how many does it see? 


has seen many events 

but how many has it seen? 

Some people

find ways to kill you 

Why do people not like you? 

I like you 

because you show

how things play out, and make new paths

But when will you let us go back and relive? 

You have three hands

that have so much power

and a face with so much hate

how do you have time, for your time? 


8th Grade Group 2


Fatima P. 



I don’t hate you but I hate all the memories you

bring back to me. 

Why do you bring me so many memories? 

You are bright and beautiful whenever I look up at you. 

At night I look out my window and look for you. 

Why do you remind me of him? 

I have so many questions for you. 

I have questions that are never gonna be answered. 

I tell you all my problems and you just listen. 

I love you, 

I love the moon. 


Itzel H. 


What is it about you that makes me feel this

way, anytime I listen to you? 

How do you have the power to bring me so many 


Being the only thing that can make me feel this 

way, why? 

Why isn’t it the letter? 

Why isn’t it my own memories that make me feel 

like I’m there right now living the moment? 

Something I want to let go,

but can’t because of that song. 

I love and hate how it makes me feel

so that’s why I want to ask you,

Music, how do you make me feel this way? 


Liliana G. 

Dear Mountain


Dear Mountain, 

Through the hundred millions of years that 

you’ve lived did you ever cry as you’d get 

destroyed at war? 

“Yes, I have” you told me sadly. 


Were you a human given a second chance 

at life? 

“Yes, I was once human” you’d say as you get 



Rumors say you opened your arms and covered

ancient dragons, is that true? 

“Yes, I’ve hidden them from humans” you’d say 

as you let out a loud growl. 


During harsh winter would you shiver as the cold 

snow lands on you? 

“No, I’ve grown used to it” you say at 



Have you ever felt at peace dear mountain? 

“Yes as wild life lives and grows I thrive” you laid down 

and slept. 

Mateo C. 

Why War? 


Why do you watch as we tear us apart? 

How do you feel as you watch us kill each other? 

Would you stop? 

Have you seen the consequences of your actions? 

That war kills almost everything, 

I have seen religions, people, generations, 

die because of us.

Will you ever stop?
Why war? 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.