Kozminksi Cookbook

Before we got into discussing things we know how to do and transforming those How-to’s into non-traditional recipes, Kozminski student poets shared their recent experience of meeting and workshopping with student poets from Kenwood Academy. Then they got down to the business of tapping-out poems on keyboards or scratching them out in longhand on paper. Enjoy reading these with a cup of morning coffee or tea!

Ms. Manning
4th Grade

How to Clean Your House
Kaliyah K.

The instructions for how to clean your house are:
wipe, wash, and sweep
The ingredients are: broom, mop, dish soap, vacuum, spray and
a towel.
Wash the walls and dust around
and clean your dog


How to become a contortionist
by Elijah Y.

You need 5 years of training
and 2 tablespoons of sadness
You need 8 cups of music
and 5 gallons of focus
You need 1 ocean of flexibility
You need 1,000 gallons of fun
Stir it until it becomes a good mixture
Bake it on 350 degrees fahrenheit for 10 min
Eat it and BOOM! contortionist


Recipe for Happiness
by Akole

To make happiness you need 2 tablespoons of a BIG smile.
A cup of waving.
A handful of butter with a big pinch of making friends.
7 liters of giving away things you don’t want.
10 cups of going to new places.
A handful of going outside.
10 tablespoons of going to college.
3 cups of excitement.


Recipe: Creativity 🤯
by Xion B.

Creativity is fun but you need to know how to make it
You need a mind full of imagination
You need 3 gallons full of happiness
One liter of knowledge
A cup of fun
Mix well and pour into a cup
Pour in head
The beautiful recipe of Creativity


Recipe for getting taller
by Torian J.

You need longer legs
You need a longer neck
You need to workout
You need to scratch
You need to drink milk
You need to eat vegetables
You need some speed.

Recipe For Joy😂
By Samuel D.

Here is the recipe for joy enjoy
1 cup of fun
1 spoon of funniness
2 centimeters of silliness
1 spoon of laughter
3 cups of excitement


5th Grade

Recipe for creativity
Jada L.

You will need 1 teaspoon of compassion
2 cups of happiness
A handful of successes and
a liter of sunshine. 
Stir and mix energy into
sparkles of art.
Bake it for 20 minutes. 
After it is finished baking
add a seasoning of love.


Poetry Club

After some discussion and sharing, students wrote poems of their own choice.

by Goodness A.

Life is like valleys
It has its ups and downs.
You can see something that makes you want to gaze
Or you can slip into a maze
with dead ends and
No where to go.

You can win the lottery and get 1.2 million dollars
And after,  get that all stolen and then you’re feeling
sad. You can walk around the block and find no
where else to walk
you can talk
to your self and find your
self being mocked.

Another lottery ticket and you find out you won.
But this time you use it willingly to start a business.
One day you are taking a walk and then you feel in love 
And have 3 kids who go on to college
who you miss.

You see
Life is like valleys
It has its ups and downs.
You can see something that makes you want to gaze
Or you can slip into a maze
with dead ends until you find
Some where to go.

At the end of every journey
It’s not always happy or filled with
white snow. It could be sad or you could get mad
And then the snow gets black just letting you know.


by Leilani B.

My mind is big and full…
but full of what?
or thoughts.

My emotions are formed
but formed into what?
or happiness.

Come to think of it, everything around me has emotion.
Emotion comes in when I see my mother making my favorite beef stew or
emotion comes in when you’re trying your best on a math test
but just can’t figure out that one equation.

But the biggest part of emotion is your mind.
Your mind telling you how to feel or how to react to something….
Your mind being your source.
But my mind is my own and so is yours.

Make sure when you hear that whisper in your ear
you use your mind
or when someone is egging you on to do something….
just use your mind.


by Amari M.

Friendship is nice and caring
how some of my friends should be.
In my friend group, there are some people
that don’t care about me or my feelings 
and that makes me feel like I’m invisible.

There are two people that make me feel
like I’m in fantasy land and I am having a long nap on the clouds. 
When I’m with those people
I feel like they are my family and that I’m at home,
where I do not have to go and cry to my mom
about the same thing over and over again. 
I feel at home and wanted
I don’t want to feel invisible anymore
I think it’s time to find more friends like them.

by Dejah M.

I never really had a problem making friends.
It was friend groups where my problems came in.
If I have to speak about friendship I will talk about me and Zion
We were both the new girls in 6th grade so we kinda clicked instantly
Which is pretty funny considering we were remote. 
We had a lot of ups and down in 6th and 7th
Now in 8th grade we are closer than ever.
I will never forget how she helped me through
My latest breakup. Facetimed her @10 pm balling my eyes out
And she stayed up until I went to sleep.
Xion helps me through everything
Honestly, she is the most loyal friend I can ask for.
She’s down to earth and blunt
But she wasn’t always this way
She was once the shy quiet girl. 
Now, watching her grow out of her shell has been amazing.
Some may say I’m a bad influence but I don’t think so
December 18th 2020 the day I will never forget
always and forever my girl.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.