Pencils Are Like Magic: Comparison poems at Darwin

The past week at Darwin, we worked together writing comparison poems. We talked about things that are totally different but have similarities. One side of the class gave us the word “tiger” and the other side the class class “ice cream.” We thought about it for a moment. Similarities? They could both be orange. Differences? A whole bunch! We decided that you can eat an ice cream but not a tiger. Tigers are alive, while ice cream isn’t.
One student mentioned a difference: “Tigers can run. Ice cream can’t.”
But then we all came to a realization as a class! Ice cream CAN run. Down our hands when it’s melting.

Here are this weeks’ featured poets!

Ms. Garcia, Spanish, 2nd grade

a tooth is like vanilla ice cream
a sun is like Fire
words are like Music
a dog is like a hot dog

Larissa R.
una nube es como algodon dulce
un onicornio es como arcoiris
una oveja es como al altobus
una mariposa es como unos diamantes
un globo es como una pelota de soquer
un arbol es como un brocoli
el papel es como un pankek
una esfera es coma una pelota de nieve
un reloj es como una piscina de tanta

a cloud is like cotton candy
a unicorn is like a rainbow
a sheep is like a bus
a butterfly is like diamonds
a balloon is like a soccer ball
a tree is like a broccoli
a paper is like a pankek
a sphere is like a snowball
a clock is like a pool of so much

a bracelet is like sparkles
the rain is like a pool
a unicorn is like a dragon fly
a tree is like broccoli
a cloud is like ice cream
a kleenex is like a blanket
a hat is like a crayon

Daniel B
tigre es como reloj (los dos tienen linias)
pero es como leon
papel es como libro (los dos lo hacen de papel)
reloj digital es como pajaro (los dos hacen un sonido)
hieve es como helado (los dos estan frias)
tina es como una cama de pero
peperoni es como olibis
trueno es como una pelota de boliche (los dos hacen un sonido)
pero caliente es como bolsa caliente (los dos son caliente)

tiger is like a watch (both have lines)
dog is like a line
paper is like a book (they are both made of paper)
digital clock is like a bird (the two make a sound)
ice is like ice cream (both are cold)
tub is like dog bed
peperoni is like olive
Thunder is like a bowling ball.
hot dog is like a hot bag (they are both hot)

Ms. Garcia, English, 2nd grade

a car is like a shopping cart
a tablet is like a watch
tree is like brush
lights is like the sun
butterfly is like a rainbow
bus is like poptart
sun is like a big star
pillow is like a flower
friends are like family
dolphis is like a whale

pencils are like magic
Black Panther is like a black rabbit

tiger is like ice cream
a book is like a mirror
butterfly is like ice cream
donut is like a tree
flower is like a strawberry
the sun is like a flower

Cinderella is like a dragon
beauty is like a butterfly
giraffe is like a flower
tree is like a flag
sand is like a sock
book is like a big
shoe is like a …



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.