Ode to all the little things!

Our first week back after the break, the Smyser 4th graders and I took some time to be grateful for the little things, and practice more descriptive language with our odes! We read Ode to Marbles by Max Mendelsohn and took inspiration from his love of marbles to write about the objects in our lives that carry deep meaning.

Ms. Erzrumly’s Class 


Mexico flag
by Nathaniel M. 

To me the Mexico flag means freedom
when you go to Mexico there is a big beach
Around is the colors of the flag. White the clear
water in the beach. Green the
color of tortilla chips with guacamole.
Red, the colors of bell peppers on tacos.


Ode to piano 
by Maya 

I love the sound of pianos
they make beautiful music
whenever the keys hit
it sounds like a musical.


Ode to baseballs
by Nickolas W. 

I love the speed of a baseball
hearing a “whoosh” right past you
the curves the ball can make
like it was nothing

The size of a baseball is perfect
gripping it perfectly
for the perfect pitch
sliding into your gloves smoothly

The sound the baseball makes
when it clashes with a bat
a perfect “clang” sound

The design of it is very simple
a white smooth ball with red laces


Pokèmon cards 
by Audrey 

Pokèmon cards
gliding in my hands
until I find the one I want
I pull it out
and set it on the table
we swap some cards
I get the ones I want
and they do too

We swap some more
for hours
arguing for what we want
we settle down
and trade some more
until we lose track of time
Driftloon for Jinx
Bergmite for Perrloin

By the time we are done
we’ve lost track of time
it’s 11:30
past both of our bedtimes!


Ode to pizza
By Slava

I love the taste of pizza,
gooey, warm, and nice.
The taste, I just can’t resist
The toppings are just amazing

Pepperoni, sausage, cheese
Anything you’d like.
The mozzarella cheese is just
delicious, tastes like heaven

The colors red, brown, and yellow
makes me happy.
I love the delectable sauce,
don’t forget about that.

And when it’s all gone
I’ll beg for more.
And I’ll say, “At least
there is next time.”


Ode to plushies
By Abigail 

I love the feeling of plushies
so soft, cuddly and fluffy
The feeling when you go to bed with it
feels so good makes you go into a deep sleep

Touching them when you feel nervous makes you comfortable
holding them makes you want to play with them.


The Basketball
By Ethan G. 

I love how the
smooth skin makes
me think about my
pillow. I like how
I could do tricks
and Dunk. They make
me have a good grip

and having to make more
shots. The ball makes
me think of a trophy
in games. I sometimes
get nervous of games

but the ball gets me
comfy and encourages
me. I love how the ball
bounces just like my bouncy


Ms. Edward’s Class


By Ivanna

I Love the taste
of an avocado.
I Love the way
an avocado feel
bumpy as a road
that is bumpy.
It makes me feel
Joyfull. It LOOKS like
black as night.
The avocado is
green in the inside as
Plain grass. The Avocado
feels bumpy in my hand as
a bumpy road trip.


By Grace 

I Love the feel of the blanket
softened me to fall asleep.
like someone hugging me to sleep.
I love the sight of the white blanket,
blue blanket, yellow blanket colorful
new blankets, soft blankets,
iridescent blanket
with colorful patterns,
hugging someone close and tight,
I love the sound of blanket,
soft, wavy,
touching me friendly,
like a person protecting me
that make me feel safe.


A Volleyball
By Nahla 

I love the sound of a volleyball hitting the ground…

I love the sight of
seeing all the different colored
stripes on the volleyball.

A volleyball is as round as a

When I play volleyball when I hit
it in the air I feel a slight


By Lugie 

Pencils are yellow like the
The erasers are pink like a
They help draw millions of
Pencils are made out of
from pretty


By Yara 

I love the feel of paper flying in
the wind like a lost kite I love the
hear of the flipity flap and bend and
snap like music and beats.


My drawing
By Sarah 

My drawings
I like how they turn out
they bring me Joy because
it turns out how I want it to.
I like how peaceful it is and
it doesn’t take that much
effort. And you look at it when
you’re done and you’re proud of yourself.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.