Not So Simple Similes

Today the poets from Waters Elementary School learned about the power of one of the most used literary devices in poetry; similes and metaphors. After reading “Dreams” and “Harlem” by Langston Hughes, they were tasked with writing similes to their secret love! Read the 7th and 8th grade versions of love similes. Enjoy!


Anissa T.


Your hair is as dark as a tree

Shining brightly as a star

Glistening bright like a river

Your name is pure like your heart

You are like the sun shining with all your glory

You are the rainbow shining beyond the darkest clouds

You are like a bee pollinating the flowers for the world, giving back to the world with such greatness


Aria A.

Mr. Nerd

Albert Einstein, you are google

And more boring than math

But the gray electrified looking hair is crazier than a cat with rabies

And your intelligence makes me feel dumber than a rock

At least you are smarter than your time

Keeping the world from forever being dumb

And your mathematical equations I will never completely understand


Bogich M.

You are as tall as a fresh brown branch tree

You shine like the stars in the glowing night

My hair is as shiny as gold honey straight from the source

Your teeth are as straight as a line from the black road

Your voice makes me want to fly like a dizzy small bird

Your face is as pretty as the shiny sun if it were painted in gold

Your toes are as long as a golden beak

Your ears can wiggle like a worm in the dirt

My nose is as sharp as a pencil straight from the sharpener

You can make someone stop like a beautiful red car on a steaming red light


Adrian L.

You are as beautiful as red roses because you turn red around me

Your face is as bright as a new car

Your teeth are as shiny bright like a diamond

Your hair is as bright as the sun

Your nose looks like pinocchio

Your shoes are as cool as Yeezes

You are like a angel you light up my day

You make me feel like a million dollars

You are my coffee in the morning

I go crazy when I don’t see you

Alice N.


Your hair is fine as silk

Your eyes are as mysterious as a myth

My face feels as if it’s on fire

I could get lost in your eyes for an eternity

You are like a magnet, my eyes find even when I am unaware

You’re like the calm to my storm

You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that I can never reach

Your skin is as soft as a cloud

Your voice is as soothing as the ocean waves

Your voice can be as loud as a loin, or as soft as a feather

You’re a disease with no cure

I can’t get rid of you, even if I tried

Bella Z. 


Your hair is as silky as a bundle of spider webs

Your laugh is rich like the soft notes of a flute

I love your presence like a bee loves a flower

When I’m around you, it’s like walking on clouds

You hand is the missing puzzle piece to mine

You linger in my mind like a missing assignment

I’m afraid that I’ll suffocate without your presence,

Like a fish out of water.


Abigail G. 


Your smile is more contagious than corona.

Your kindness is a flowing river,

I am the lake.

You are a happiness giver,

And all of it I will take.


Your love is infectious poison,

Sickening my heart.

You are the reason,

My heart is torn apart.


Alexa A. 

Your eyes gleam like Hollywood smiles

Your hair billows like long grasses in a beautiful meadow

Your fingers are lean like the legs of a giraffe

Your shoulders are as smooth and round as the bean

Your earlobes are as soft as fleece Patagonia sweatshirts

Your nails are as colorful as a sea of fish

Your eyebrows are as tame as a police dog

Your elbows are as sharp as the eyes of the giver

Your teeth are as straight as rulers


Your style is a shining light in a sea of darkness

You are the bright, glistening contrast in this bland world

Your eyelashes are the thick, dark feathers of the majestic, soaring bird

You are the fluffiest of all the clouds in the sky

Your presence is a breeze of cool air on a sweltering summer day

Your hair is the smooth, lengthy flow of a winding river


Andrea F.

The way your hair sways is like a stream in the forest

Your eyes glisten like the ocean waves

Your smile is as bright as the sunlight on a summer morning

Your laugh is like a soft rhythm in a song

Your voice is as soothing as a lullaby

Your smile is a beaming light in a dark room

Your eyes are an emerald sparkling in the sun

Your kindness is the moon, always there

The way your hair sways is like a stream in the forest and your smile is a beaming light in the dark


Adrian C.


Your ears are shaped like little elf ears.

Your eyes are blue like the ocean

Walter your mustache is like little grass growing:

Your eyebrows are like sharp swords.

Walter your teeth are yellow crayons

Your red sweater is like Clifford

Walter your hair is milk chocolate

You’re as funny as a comedian

Walter your teeth are vampires


Aedan D.

Dear Human,

I think your eyebrows are like flowers. Your eyes are like a maze because I am lost in them. Your smile is a sparkling diamond in the moonlight. Your hair is a calm ocean washing away my problems. You are my candle guiding me through the night. Your boogers are like acid heating up my heart. Your dandruff is as white as snow. Your face is a volcano warming my life.


Coral L.

The Golden

Your hair is the evening sun, golden and flickering in the strong wind

Your eyes are soft and kind, a reflective pool

Your words are carefully chosen to shape a beautiful world, beautiful just because you were in it

As you lay back on the green grass, staring into the colorful horizon

I think of how lucky I am to be here with you

Yet as strong as the love feels in the moment, like a sweet poison

The more it hurts when you leave

When I had stopped and admired the stunning green

But had forgotten to step into the golden with you

Because maybe my view was blinded by the light

Maybe the green was just moss

And the golden was just the dew sparkling from the sun

Before the dew dries up and disappears

Never again the same as it was

And maybe she didn’t exist in the first place

And maybe she never will.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.