Let’s Rhyme!

The Poets from Waters Elementary School learned a little lesson in hip hop. One of the most used rhyme schemes in rap music are couplets. After studying the lyrics and watching the performances of Tupac and Bad Bunny the poets wrote their own couplets. They then had to read their couplets in a rhythmic meter. Please enjoy the rappers from Waters!

Josephine S.

My name is Josie

People call me nosy

I like to ride my bike

And go on a hike


They think I’m funny

And that I look like a bunny


But I think that I am fine

Some would even say I am divine


But the one thing I really like are my friends

We are together till the day´s end

Julius M. 

I can dash, bash, smash

Past the fiery ash.

I’m so wise

I can see people lies

I’m serious

And people say I’m mysterious

I take my stance

And I will advance

I will cry

But I will show my pride

If you see my brothers a far

They are bazaar

Stella D.

Will eat most foods very quick,

My nickname is the bottomless pit,

I am quite gay,

At partys I won’t stay,

Most days I’m pretty confident,

Me and Steffy will act like we dominate,

My music is psychopathic,

I would love a puffy dress so make it classic,

Some of my grades might be struggling,

So to my room I’m scuttling,

I have WAY too many plants,

And get yelled at for trying to make skirts out pants,

The hot weather is straining,

I’d rather have worms and come out and it to be raining,

First aid and books galore,

And scream out the windows “we should be antiwar”.

Dina P.

Dina she’s so tall

Walking down the long halls of the mall

Her hair is so long

Down by the salon is where she belongs

She’s so pretty

Her personality is just so witty

She has a bad attitude

Even though she has a great deal of gratitude

Everyone knows who I am

Keeping it halal never eating ham

Always looking good you see

Making all these boys fall in love with me

Never getting my hands dirty

Everyone tells me things they’re my little birdies

Natalyah A.

Natalyah yeah you look so good today,

And it ain’t no holiday.

And I know you got that bad vision,

And I also know its because of that collision.

You’re worries are sinking like the titanic,

So their is no reason to panic.

Vaughn B.

Vaughn, yeah your name is grammatically strong,

So you’d think that people would get it right but you’re wrong.

It may be sad to say but your life is an utter mistake,

You’re also really fake and I think that’s an utter disgrace.

You have such little confidence I almost feel sympathetic for you,

But then again I want to be true.

Another sad thing is that you have no one to talk too,

And yeah you may go to therapy but nobody gets you.

The way your lonely is rather sad,

But unfortunately for you I’m rather bad.

The delusions you believe in,

Is nothing to the realness

You wish you had,

Is not there and it’s only a sham.

Lastly I hope you break down in tears,

Maybe then people would hear.

Maxwell B.

Torn black shoes

That’s the news

I get straight A’s

All 365 days

I got one cat one dog

But I don’t have a frog

I’m unstoppable

A little irresponsible

I’m pretty happy

A bird is flappy

It’s been a while

I’ve got an uncle named Kyle.

My dog is dying

But I’m still flying

Natalia B.

Her eyes are very dark

Like a lonely night on Clark

And she loves being with her friends

She’d never want her friendship to end

She likes the color red

And she fears being dead

She loves the summer

But the snow to her is a bummer

She likes playing volleyball

If you know how to play, give her a call

She wants to make money

And spend it while it’s sunny

She plays soccer

But Molly is better, it’s’ a shocker

She lives in the windy city

She’s also drippy

Niki K.

That girl is named Niki

She ain’t a mouse like Mickey

And although she don’t look it

She will win any blooket

And she ain’t tall

But she’s the smartest in the hall

And although she ain’t pretty

And she looks kind of silly

She’s scrolling through pinterest

So she can ding her interests

Cuz she’s gonna do art

And at Michaels is her start

You hear her talking fast

As you are walking past

Always humming a tune, you’d think she’s a loon

But if I am a loon then you are a baboon

Hidden Emotions

Jennifer B.

Who is this face I see in the mirror?

I wish my vision were just a little clearer.

My minds been racing with millions of thoughts

Thinking about all the useless things I bought

Trying to make myself better

But just hiding in my sweater

Dozens of comments about weight

Sometimes wishing I never ate

Hiding behind an invisible mask

Its barely become a task

To dissimulate seems so normal

But in turn it can be seen as formal

Some think I’m sitting alone

But really I’m just in my own zone

Relaxing but thinking all the time

Some may consider it a crime

Simone G.

My eyes sparkle like the sun

Cant forget my sunscreen hon

I burn as fast as a jet plane

But I am immune to the pain

Awesome energy is what I transmit

Yeah! Whatever I want I get

Music fuels my confidence

I love hearing all that consonance

Elliott smith is my one and only god

I just wish he hadn’t died and gone abroad

When I look in the mirror I feel proud

I deserve a super large crowd

I hate messing up it makes me mad

But I put on the act of feeling rad

What can I say I think I’m pretty cool

But I try my best to not act like a fool

Sophie B.

Gaslighting like you couldn’t care less

Meanwhile u leave behind a mess

Double standard far too high

Acting like you’re the only one who can cry

Needing validation from everyone but your real friends,

Taking for granted they will be there to the end.

Making mistakes to make people feel bad

Then you act as though you’re sad.

Can’t share anything with you or it be spread around,

Tho I keep all your secrets from touching the ground.

Frida C.

Mickey you’re now dead

I wish you were alive instead

You filled my life with joy

I still have your favorite toy

You were silly and fun

And as bright as the sun

You ran really slow

Just letting you know

You always fall out of your wheel

I’m being for real

Micah J.

I have a dog named sonic

Sometimes he’s bionic

Sonic you’re ecstatic

You’re a dog treat addict

You play all the time every day

When you eat your food like it’s a buffet

I love you so much

Anissa T. 

You’re not very tall

But at least you can catch a ball

Your bad at soccer

You cant even reach a locker

You have an old soul

But that’s what makes you bold

You enjoy the arts

And you use soul and heart

You may not know this

But your filled with bliss

You love to read

But you don’t like to lead

Your not very funny

And you’re not sunny

You put on a mask

And don’t believe what to ask

You can’t run fast

So that’s another task

You might self-deprecate

But let’s not replicate



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.