‘My father, to whom I consider’: Hero Poems…of All Kinds

What makes a hero (both real or imagined)? And how can we learn from them (even the villains) and the inner- hero inside of us? We explored those concepts and more in What I Learned From the Incredible Hulk    by Amiee Nezhukumatahil.

Lesson Note: Have you heard? Recently a Harvard social scientist found that posing like a superhero actually increases confidence and creates lasting positive change!

Ms. Munoz, 8th Grade
Period One

Owen F.

When it comes to suits, you
cant get enough of them.
One for today, one for tomorrow,
and it cant hurt to have one extra.

If one breaks, there’s always another,
and what do you know, there’s something,
new. Splattered in red and gold,
maybe silver, don’t let the aesthetics

Fool you, the functionality
is all so present, breaking walls
and bones in the process.
Light emerges from out the chest

and hand, brighter than the sun at close up.

Poem to Frodo Baggins
Sam I.

Dear Frodo,
you dolt, you dodo
You are witlessly brave
And as stout as a knave.

You’ve not taught me much
except to not carry magic rings on a chain
or to be chased by people who need a personal gain.
Not to be stabbed by Ringworms in black

But you’ve taught me verse,
which could be worse
You have taught me to listen
but I still don’t do it much

You Hobbits told me to be gentile and kind,
Something that is quite hard to find
in this perilous world, deep, dark and black
In your home where you sit and snack.

Rena Y.

When it comes to helping others
You need to remember that every little thing matters
and non one should be left behind
there is no greater importance or worth.

traveling; Going places
the world is at your fingertips
and the choice is yours

Ms. Munoz, 8th Grade
Period Three

Maya S.

It’s the stories I have from
poorhouses in Vegas, not showy, slums
I grew up with people I cant know now.

And now you see me flexing
I’m a Gucci princess
And james Charles is my man
And my vulgarity is alright.

I’m content
and with my trentas at Starbucks
and with my no judgment. I’m moving into the beauty community.

My aesthetic is newfound you tube money
A little bit of trash
and the way my fans support me.

Justin C.

I learned a lot form the Unk
He taught me a lot
He taught me to stay positive
Even if you are $264,000 in debt.

Even though he kinda committee d credit card fraud
And people may think he’s odd
He inspired me in many ways
And eh still helps me to this day

He got scammed out of a $100,00 deal
And even though I bought something from him for $20
I probably wont get it
But hes the best

Even with all that,
He still needs me,
through happy and sad times,
Unkle Adonis is a cool dude.

I Love You
Isabel A.

I open the door and watch him leave
One who served
It’s what he oes

a tittle that was earned
not given
coming home at midnight
and sleeping till Five

yet smiling
but hard working

a new doll house
is for a week’s worth of work
and paying for it doesn’t hurt
because it makes me happy

the wavy yellow hat
arms full of trust
sadness but realization
I love you dad

Mrs. Munoz, 8th Grade
Period Six

Sara M.

My father, to whom I consider
a hero undercover disguised
as a regular workman. Though
he looks could be deceiving.

He saved me from what I
thought, a tragic fall. Back
When I played with the
rabbits from the high
window, which it seemed

Six years of age when
I fell. I thought tragic
He thought funny. When
I made a hand stand
for the first time

He ran out laughing, while
I stood frozen trying to keep
With this laughter, it magically
made my fears run

Picked up and put down
I smiled s we raced back inside
leading the way

Andrew H.

Darth Maul showed me
the power of individuality
He’s so cool
it’s the reason I stay in school

He got cut in half
After Qui con Gin felt his wrath

He came back
After that attack
Lookin all mechanical
He turned tyrannical

That’s why he inspired me
so everyday I reeeeeeeeeeeeed

Ms. Munoz, 8th Grade
Period Seven

Huukha L.

Being loyal, ensures safety
Black shows the sign of death
Panthers are fierce animals,
Is on a roll because his stats are weak.

He proves his loyalty to his country
by surviving the toughest tasks.

Death Stroke
Aleksandar D.

You’re an awesome mercenary
with two blazing swords
You are the best anit-hero the world has seen

Your healing factor is amazing
You kill blazing fast
While looking amazingly badass

Dual wielding pistols take out
Overthrowing governments while looking mighty cool
Making money and shooting around

Don’t take anything from anybody

What I Learned from Wonder Woman
Megan M-D.

From Wonder Woman I learned that there’s such a thing
as a feminist wannabe
Wonder Woman herself is a strong woman, who knows how to bring
a good right, a woman I eel most girls would like to be.

But the people that watch her movies, the ones that watch her fight
Are usually the ones who get it completely wrong.
All while being oblivious, not listening, thinking they’re %100 right
They watch a woman’s movie once, and think they have down the whole mental song.

Sometimes they think they’re on a side, the light side, the turning one.
What they really just do is take away form the cause
It’s like they’re laughing, and taking the gun
that Wonder Woman never had

Captain Underpants
Sydni L.

‘Mr. Truman NO’
‘Who is this Mr. Truman you speak of?’
‘I’m Captain Underpants.’

I fight crime day & night
*water splashed on him*
Something happened, he transformed
back. Wow is this freaky.

*water splash*
OK. OK. Rewind.

So if he gets wet he
transforms, so what does
this hypnotizing ring do? Nothing?
Oh, well.

Ms Munoz, 8th Grade
Period Eight

the blur (oh wait) the Flash
Ino S.

When it comes to Flash
All you think about is his dash
Everything for him is in slow motion
It’s almost like he is taking a protein

He rushes by in a blurr
Like the villain cat;ion cold burr…
Must be hard livin’ a double life
The secret hurting him like a knife

This guy going 100 miles per hour
What an awesome super power.

Luca N.

flying through the sky
it ain’t no lie
when he saves the world
he gets the girls

Matthew L.

Batman is so cool
Don’t take him for a fool
He will hunt you in the dark
and you’ll be so scared yo will f_rt

He throws Batarangs,
from across the plains.
He knows Martial Arts,
and sometimes throws darts.

Harry Potter-What to take Away
Eshan M.

No matter the setback
No matter the problem
No matter the complication
No matter the misfortune

This is always a way
to get through things
There is always light in darkness
Just like the water in fire
Just like the happiness in the anger
or the sadness in the jealousy
no matter, there is always a way.

You just have to follow your dreams
and anything is possible
Achieve your goals and shoot for the stars.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.