Mi mamá escuchando la radio: The Sounds We Hear @ Darwin Elementary

For our third poetry session, the Darwin second graders and I discussed… bum ba da bum… sound! We talked about how using sounds can create a richness in your writing, and is another way to set a scene, and involve your reader. The first five weeks we will be working on different elements that make our writing strong. Today the students incorporated into their poems sounds they hear around them daily.

Ms. Garcia
2nd Grade

Maricarmen A.

Mi mamá escuchando la radio
Mi familia y yo escuchamos películas.
Mi padre escucha música en el carro.
Yo escucho palomitas cocienandose
y haciendo pop pop y pop y pop y pop
Yo escucho la maestra hablar
Mi maestra escucha música

Maricarmen A.

My mom listening to the radio
My family and I listening to movies
My dad listens to music in the car
I listen to popcorn cooking
and it makes pop pop and pop and pop and pop
I listen to my teacher talk
My teacher listens to music

Sky V.

I hear the waves go cockadoodle-doo
I hear the kite go aaaaauuuuuuuu


Jaxiry P.

Yo escucho la musica en la clase
Yo escucho un violín
Yo escucho un payaso hablando
Yo ecucho una campana
Yo escucho un piano
Yo escucho una bolsa
Yo escucho un perrito

Jaxiry P.

I hear the music in class
I hear a violin
I hear a clown talking
I hear a bell
I hear a piano
I hear a bag
I hear a puppy

Ms. Palacios
2nd Grade
I hear Santa said hohoho
I hear the wind wosh wosh
I hear the people yelling
I hear water shaking wosh wosh
I hear the music do do do
I hear the jacket zipper zzzz
I hear the movies pop pop
I hear then trees ch ch ch
I hear the Christmas trees cha cha
I hear the popcorn po po
I hear the paper wosh wosh
Aiden S. 
I hear ding ding ding ding when
I was in the hospital, I hear
drip drip drip drop when it
rains I hear wha wha wha
from my baby brother I
hear sizzling bacon I hear
thump thump thump from my
baby brother jumping I hear
wooh from the wind I
hear beep beep from the
cars I hear woosh from
the waves from the beach
I hear thunder from storms
I hear chicken
I hear
Kaylee Q.
I hear my sister talking loud
I hear the tv on
I hear the food
I hear my baby sister crying
I hear the door ringing
I hear my teacher Ms. Palacios talking
I hear the phone ring
I hear my friend talking
I hear lightening everywhere
I hear my mom talking
I hear rain everywhere
I hear people talking
I hear my cousin talking



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.