Then…… He Met…… Pink! –– Color Poems & Sound Poems @ Moos

This week the 3rd graders continued their poetic personification. Today’s poem: personify a color! And, we had the honor of having our second class with Ms. Mathes’ 2nd graders. Today, they worked on learning poetic line and made sound poems about their environment.

Ms. Sigmond
3rd Grade

Adan S.

Blue is nice.
Blue is happy.
Blue is good.
Blue is sad.
Blue is mad.
Blue is helped.
Blue is asked.
Blue likes to be nice.
Blue likes to work.
Blue likes to go to school.
Blue likes to learn.
Blue likes to play nice.
Blue helps.


Benjamin N.

Purple you are so
fun and crazy

You are a paleontologist
You found a T-Rex bone

you go bananas
you love to dance


Liliana N.

Purple is my new partner.
Purple likes to swim.
Purple loves to eat grapes.
Purple loves to color with purple.

Purple is my best friend.
Purple is a happy color.
Purple is the best color.
Purple is a girl who likes to sleep.

Ms. Willis
3rd Grade

Janiya W.

green likes
get out
of bed every morning
green prays
the drums green
is good at
solving word
problems on
the computer
green likes
to paint at
12:30 pm green is
rich green is loving


Blue & Pink
Jamalis S.

Blue likes to look at art work
and to ride a unicorn.
Then…… he met…… Pink!
Pink had blue hair, Blue had pink hair.
Pink lived on water Blue lived

They both loved to have tea parties
and play golf, baseball. Pink likes
cooking and so does Blue. They
were best best best

They never split apart that’s
how much they cared for each other.


Shiny Gold
Julian C.

Gold is a fancy, rich guy that
wears gold all the time with silver
hair, with shiny gold skim. He also
likes getting gold medals in all sports.

Gold lived in a gold mansion, with
a gold dog, with a gold ice cream dispenser,
that works at a gold pizza place names
Pizza Palace Place that has gold food coloring in the pizza.


Ms. Mathes
2nd Grade

The Stuff I Hear
Anais O.

I hear dogs barking.
Cars beeping.
My mom cooking.
The TV talking.
The water running.
Cats meowing.


I Hear
Christopher L.

I hear the rain dropping.
I hear the bird chirping.
I hear my sisters walking.
I hear the paper walking.
I hear my friends walking.
I hear the pencil sharpener sharpening the pencil.
I hear people talking.
I hear my dog barking.
I hear my mom on her tablet.
I hear the pencil dropping.
I hear the marker sketching.
I hear my teacher talking.
I hear the boat flipping.
I hear the crunch in the snow.


I Hear
Fernando B.

I hear music play
I hear talking
I hear noise
I hear cars rolling
I hear paper
I hear kids
I hear dogs
I hear noise on TV
I hear footsteps
I hear water
I hear fish
I hear my phone
I hear songs
I hear you




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.