Making Sense of the World

The poets from Mrs. Gonzalez’s 7th grade class at Logandale are using their senses to describe the world around them. But! They are using their senses in 2 different ways…The first stanza of each poem describes how they interpret the world through their 5 senses. However, the poets use their senses in unusual ways in the second half of their poems. This exercise focuses on being more descriptive in our writings while playing with metaphors. Enjoy!




Anthony T.


I can see the birds in the sky.

I can hear the sound coming from the window.

I can taste the popsicle.

I can smell the food being cooked.

I can touch the basketball.


I can feel the heat on my skin.

I can see the happiness in everyone’s eyes.

I can hear the little voices coming out of my head.

I can taste the hotness in the air.

I can touch the star when they bling in the night.

I can smell the pollution in the air.

I can feel the stars and how pointy they are.



Kevin G.


I could smell the beautiful flowers and trees in nature.

I felt the beautiful petals of the flowers in nature.

I could taste and breath the fresh air.

I saw the beautiful roses in the garden.

I could hear the birds singing around nature.


I won’t smell dirt in nature.

Hearing spaceships in nature.

I see airplanes on nature.

I could taste ant on the ground.

I could feel bugs flying around me




Jocelyn C.


Spring is flying a kite in the park on a windy day


Spring is heading to the baseball park to watch your team play


Spring is the birds chirping and the flowers blooming


Spring is rolling the windows down while zooming

Spring is here in the air you can smell it coming from the trees

I could hear the happiness in the cities

I could see the busy bees sing

I could sense the fear of people

I can taste the sadness in people



Alondra H.


I can hear the crickets at night.

I can taste the cookies my mom made.

I can feel the grass poking my legs.

I can smell the food from my room.

I can see the children running outside.


I can feel the fall coming.

I can hear the winter is far away.

I can see the sun smiling down at me.

I can smell the victory of this game.

I can taste the fluffy clouds in the sky.


Jiajie J.

The winter was a very cold just like living in a refrigerator the outside was just like a world full of magic;

The trees, all were white, the ground was covered in snow and icicles was hanging under roofs of houses;

But in the summer, all the snow was melted away and the air was warm and everyone was staying outside;

In the playground a kid was blowing bobbles they rose like something summer cannot lose:

Butterflies was settling on top of flowers and many kids were playing soccer on the grass;

The grownups were sitting on the grass having a picnic it was very pleasant to the senses.


Jessica S.


I woke up in a dark place, my sight was still blurry to see anything.

I walked around to check where I was, I felt someone touch my shoulder but I turned around and saw nothing there,

There were many trees around me, after a while I heard a song playing in the background.

I followed the song all the way to a house, inside the house there was a strong smell as if someone was cooking apple pie.

I followed the scent and found a whole stack of food on the table I was starving but decided to not eat it.


It was hard not to eat anything on the table, I was starving like a bear with no food to eat.

I craved a fruit on the table and tasted it in case nothing was in it, I started eating the whole thing like a wild animal.

After I finished eating, I looked around the house, I found many things inside the house but there was something that got me interested: a blue necklace. It looked very old and looked like it came from the old century.

I stared at it until I felt someone touch me in my shoulder. I stood there cold as ice.

My sight became blurry as I slowly fell to the floor and heard a song coming from the background as I slowly melted.

I woke up to a strong smell and looked up as I saw a big creature staring at me with its big bobcat teeth as it stared at my soul.





Aileen Z.


When you touch the flowers that have just bloomed

And you can hear the birds chirping

You can smell the freshly cut grass

As you see the trees growing

And you taste your own happiness


As you hear the wind whistling

And you see the sun waving goodbye

You touch the sun for the last time

As you taste the crisp air above your eyes




John B.


seeing Wonders way up high

in a building touching my tie

smelling my coffee in my cup

Tasting it with my tongue

while hearing birds chirping on green trees.


Touching the sun in summer years

Hearing the moon with its dark sorrow tears

Smelling new lives around the corner.

while i see myself look older,

the days taste worse as every day comes and goes.


Tania L.


The sound of the singing birds

The beautiful view I see

The beautiful smell of flowers

The beautiful taste of a delicious breakfast

Touching the delicate flowers

I see the fear in his eyes

I can taste his sadness

Touching his heart broken into a thousand pieces

I hear the sound of her despair

I smell his pain




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.