5th grade Creature poems!

For our 4th session together, Avondale-Logandale 5th graders considered the types of personalities that school and work days might have.  They said that Mondays are grumpy; Tuesdays are tired; Wednesdays are a cross between happy and grumpy; Thursdays are exciting; and Fridays are happy.  We looked at the poem, “Dragons on Monday” by Francisco X. Alarcón – in both Spanish and English – and then we talked about creature characteristics and changing moods.  Students then got down to writing their own creature poems!

The week of our 4th session I learned that poet, Miguel Algarín had passed away, and so we talked a bit about the idea of literary ancestry, and read Miguel Algarín’s poem, “Not Tonight but Tomorrow.”

Ms. Pannell
Room 204 – 5th Grade

Monday Monster
Mitzielys T.

Monday my creature’s hair turns from tangled to spiky
My eyes go as red as fire
My mood goes up to sleepy and mad
My height goes up to two cars
My weight turns from 80 to 300 pounds, I can’t hold myself up
In the afternoon I am so mad I don’t wanna look at anyone
But then a tight hug from mom changes it all
I am the happiest kid that I got to go to school that day


My Creature
Nialaney G.

My creature has big lips and straight teeth
My creature has wavy/curly hair with pink/purple highlights
My creature has almond eyes
My creature’s mood is grumpy
My creature’s height is 6 feet
My creature was 80 lbs


Rina the monster
Angelina A.

Rina the monster has lots of sharp teeth, big mouth, but a small upper lip
Rina might sound scary but I can assure you that she is the most friendly monster you’ll ever meet
Her hair is curly with pink and blue. Her hair even smells like cotton candy
Her eyes are a nice dark shade of black and brown
Her mood changes when around anyone, (like when she sees someone sad she turns sad.)
But oh man
she is very tall:  She is 7″3
Whenever Rina is scared she becomes small
Also, when she is scared she tends to run
Whenever my monster is happy she makes everybody around her happy.
So you see Rina is a very nice monster.


Room 206 – 5th Grade

My odd creature
Sophia B.

On a Sunday morning a “Bunny” looking man comes up to me
I knew when I saw him he was not normal.
He had Black eyes and purple hypnotic pupils
He has yellow gold hair with bunny ears in the same color
He was very tall, maybe around 5”8.
He talked to me
His voice sounded evil, like a villain in a DC movie
Out of nowhere he got angry, like a wolf barking at his prey.
But then, he turned into a human with purple hair and purple skin.
I’m guessing his favorite color was purple?
Anyways, enough with the jokes.  He calls himself “William Afton”.
I was very shook. He was the famous William Afton who made pizzerias around the city.
He also has a friend named Henry Emily, who also helped him in the pizzerias.
Then something bad happened,
(To be continued…)


Oh what a Beautiful MONSTER!
Jocyana C.

I wake up on a Saturday morning, cranky as a mad dragon
I stressed as always, hurry up and get dressed
I comb my hair with purple dots and knots
Brush my big mouth, waiting for the stink to go away
Me and my droopy eyes, with big booming red veins
I walk to school, feeling the breeze against me
When I get there all the lights are out
I see a sign and can’t believe my eyes
“Schools out on Saturday and Sunday!”
Oh! I thought, what a surprise!
It’s Saturday morning, not Monday!
I jump with joy when I feel something strange!
I see my big fat belly turn so skinny!
My hair turns gold
My mane turns white as snow!
I look at the store and see my reflection
I have blue eyes that glisten in the wind
Then the most unusual thing happens…
I grow a horn!
A big beautiful gold horn that shimmers in the sun!
I have become a unicorn, a big beautiful UNICORN!


Jamlla H.

Wednesday mornings are the worst,
The bird chirps and it makes me hurt.
As I wake I feel it raising,
My eyes are red, my height, amazing.

My hair now yellow feeling calm,
I can tell the storm is long gone.
My eyes now blue like the ocean sea,
The night has come, now time to sleep.


the monster on Friday
Elicia N.

When at night on a cool friday, the monster with the yellow eyes comes out
It has soft hair and it is fluffy as blankets
It will sometimes turn into a cute cat too
When it is night time, the monster goes back to sleep


The deadliest animal in the world
Angel L.

If this animal was real it would be the deadliest animal ever
it would be 1,000,000,000 pounds
it is all animals mixed together
the wings of a dragon and the fire breath
the eyesight of an eagle and owl
the smell of a dog and others
the teeth of a lion and
the speed of a cheetah
in the ocean of a shark and the warm fur of a wolf…


I am a dragon on Saturday
Yelitza R.

In the morning my hair is flowey like water
In the morning my teeth are sharp as a knife
In the afternoon my eyes turn from blue to green
In the afternoon my scales turn from purple to blue
In the afternoon my hair turns from teal to neon purple
In the night I grow angel wings and fly into my dreams


The Legend of the dragon
Angeliz G.

This Tuesday a dragon woke up and ate for a while and went to the city.
it disguised itself as armor and sword
he went back to sleep but heard a sound
he went up and said “who’s there?” But nobody was there so
he went back to sleep and he turned into a diamond block
then a gold block
he was still sleeping Zzzz
he woke up and turned into a computer and was used by a human
it went click click click
he turned into a statue and went to blend in to the rest of the statues right next to him.
This time he was mad of his dream
he had spit fire but calmed down easy
little by little.







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.