Magical Recipes

For their 7th poetry session Hamline 6th graders dappled with magic and spells. I asked if they could create a magical potion, what would you use it for and why? The majority of students said money or riches, while others wanted superhero like powers, infinite wishes or the ability to make their siblings disappear. This week’s lesson about potions was inspired by the amazing poet-in-resident Timothy Rey.

Together we read and discussed the poem “To Be Invisible,” by Kristen S. a student at Washington Elementary. In her poem Kristen lists instructions and unique ingredients to create her invisibility potion. To be invisible you need the drops of rain/to be invisible you need the scent of lavender/to be invisible you need petals from flowers need the river. After Kristen mixes the ingredients together, to her surprise the potion disappears, and this makes her actually relieved, she realizes at the end she doesn’t really want to be invisible.

Inspired by Kristen’s poem students imagined their own potions, with strange ingredients, and shocking side effects.

Mr. Marroquin’s 6th Grade
Group 1

Para Tener dinero
By Adriana S.

Para tener dinero
Trabajar duro terminar mi carrera ser inteligente.
Tener mejor calificaciones y ser educada.
Ser mas fuerte mas paciencia.
Bestir bien a respetar los demas
y tener valenta y decirte tu misma
se valiente.

Pocion Para Fuerte
By Aron

Vierte agua muy fria
Vierte dios pedasos de hierro
Vierte tres pedasos de piedra.
Vierte un pelo de un puma
Vierte ma cadena pe plata.

By Grecia R.

Pacion para tener todos lo pedres,
arcoiris, nubes, rayos de lluvia.
Pata de duende.
Oreja de hormiga, pero de tiburon,
y despues los mezclamos y luego juermo
por 6 minutos le hecho un pedazo
de cemento, cloro y me le tomo
y tengo todos los podeles.

Mr. Marroquin’s 6th Grade
Group 2

A Potion For Love
By Neveah F.

2 drops of tears from your crush.
1 heart
3 teddy bears,
a strand of hair from your crush,
a box of chocolate,
2 strands of hair from your Ex,
2 tears from your enemy,
and 10 roses.
Mix it until you see everything dissolve
and then spray it on you.

Artist Potion
By Diego F.

Rande gave me a potion.
It had 12 famous paintings,
2 gallons of paint,
an artist pencil, my pencil
My favorite art in my
favorite style.
And when I drank it,
I became Bob Ross.

Bravery Potion
By Jose P.

I am a knight, I’m supposed to protect
the kingdom but I’m scared.

That is why I’m creating a bravery potion.
I need 5 drops of snake venom, a cup of
holy water, the hair of a saber-toothed tiger,
and lastly 5 drops of my blood.

I followed the instructions perfectly.
Then I poured it in a cup.

Then I heard screams.
I drank the potion and ran.
I saw a dragon attacking the kingdom.
I leapt into action and attacked it.
It hit me with its tail and I flew.
I got back up and jumped on its head.
It bit my arm off but I stayed on.
I stabbed it on the head and won.

When I went back, I realized I drank
the water, not the potion.

I guess all you need is confidence!

Ms. Torres 6th grade
Group 3

By: Mariangel G

Tener dos cabellos de Lana Del Rey

  tener 2 pestañas de kylie jenner 

  2 lágrimas de kendall jenner                                    

tener una cadena de oro de Taylor Swift

Potion of how to become slash/Saul Hudson
By Yaritza O.

  To be slash you need to have one of his guitars he owns.

 To be slash you need a top hat added to the potion

 To be slash you need 3 strands of his black curly hair

  You need a jean vest just like what slash wears

  A pair of sunglasses like what he wears with his top hat

  A sliver chain he wears around his neck

  The potion turns the color black,

so you need to mix lightly for the potion to work.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.