Lyrical Shapes

The poets from Waters Elementary learned how poems not just meant to be read, and heard, but also to be viewed as visual art. The poets read poems that written in the shape of their subject. The poets were then asked to the shape. They used their shapes as inspiration for their words. Enjoy!





Dependent on your love

Hungry, attached, protective

Days without your voice is like loud noise

You tears burn like fire on my skin

Hostile to anyone that is not you

Just a simple lonely alien…without you.



Julia B.


Their love is a trap

They’re vibrant and beautiful

They attract your love and attention

However I feel none of it is true

Their thorns are ever so painful

An unpleasant and unexpected surprise

The pain makes you realize it all…

That looks can be deceiving

That love can cause pain

That you should always be

Cautious with your heart



Thomas D.




Time is an infinite, endless cycle

Future, past, and present

Blends to create a timeline

Something so simple yet so complex

Every second, minute, and hour of your day

You can anywhere

Yet you must obey the laws of time



Andrea F.


The blooming life

Moist, soft, and smooth

The light comes closer

Illuminating the vibrant shades

Pink, orange, yellow, blue

Full of life, the door opens

A new opportunity is born

A sweet new smell

Welcomes nature

Glistening water drops



Amara T.


I loathe you

But you’re so lovely

You’re quiet presence

Is so loud to me

The way you can change is confusing

You make others gloomy

You make me pleased



Bella Z.


Bends of anything

The round shape

Trickles down a wind-shield

Or someone’s skin,

Or maybe the sweat of glass of cold water

Gentle and quiet as the rain fogs up the window

The sublte pitter-patter against the glass

It muffles the sound of your mind

Of everyones’ words and voices

The water smooths everything

As the friction eats away at rock, skin, and wood

A stream of tears,

fluctuating, frustration, sadness, happiness, jealousy

The spectrum is a never-ending line.

Never stagnant

For eternity is here

The constant of life, the birth,

The one who gives it all

Releasing it all



Gracelyn C.


Only a once-know name to hold

To each page and phrase

That skims through the hours

Through each furious phrase

Holds the dim lightness of aspirations

I cannot hide from Earth

Lost from the deviant dwelling

Glass pane of hope



Maia F.


I sever peoples’ dreams like paper

I snip away to the away to the tune of despair

People cry as I destroy

Ink from pages spill like black blood

You should be weary, or I’ll take your eyes

Broken dreams fall to the ground

Drifting sadly in the wind

I eat away hopes like unwanted hair

Leaving it to be swept up by the cleaner

The fabric of your dreams cut into tethers



Gorman S.


The good and bad

Life and death

Happiness and sadness

In all chaos I bring peace



Natalya Mendez


Raging ball of fire

Distributing scorching heat

Spreads all around like a disease

Blends of orange and red

Burning, smoking and crashing down

Causing destruction all around

One of the four elements

It moves like trickling spirals

Sending sparks into the air



Evelyn S.


The ocean waves crash along the shores

It flows across the sand, it soars

The blue hue brings relaxation

The slow sound of crashing waves

Creates exhilaration



Jennifer B.


It is unique

Special to everyone

It can be entertaining yet scary

Interesting yet boring

They can hold relevance

They can be happy and beautiful

Yet terrifying and confusing

They are long or short

Happy or sad

They can bring back memories

They live in you unconscious



Ameer E.


Sometimes on the darkest day

When there’s no sign of hope

And you’ve given all up

You see a light beaming through

That floating ball so deep in space

It is a sight you will never escape

No matter where you are on this planet

You will always see that big light

Showing that no matter what happens

You’re never alone





Yellow, bright, unblinding

Tiny flashlights

Golden, helpful

Glowing through darkness

A spotlight on our struggles

A mirror, a message

Reflecting what burns inside

Standing out against the darkness

We look to the stars

Because the only defeat is giving up





It can be bitter

It can be sweet

Chocolate is like life

There’s the ooey gooey sunshine in your face

Smiling all day as a part of life

Then there’s the bitter that’s disgusting part of life

That leaves the sour taste in you mouth

The melty caramel can cling to you

The satisfying crunch-crunch-crunch will fill you





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.