‘Last year I was a 12 -year- old kid.’: Reflection Poems

For our last two poems, students shared childhood stories before writing their own poem reflecting back their younger selves, as the speaker did in Billy Collin’s poem, On Turning Ten .8th Grade students reflected before writing their own poems about the act of ‘putting away’ and ‘looking forward’ as the speaker did in Nate Marshall’s poem, ‘the last graduation.’

Lesson Note. “I think one of the strengths of nostalgia is that even if they have not had a good childhood, most people have at least one nostalgic memory that they cherish and that they can use repeatedly. Someone once asked me: ‘How long do these effects last?’ My 11-year-old daughter said: ‘They last your entire life!’ She’s right, too. Once positive memories are instantiated they might have only represented half an hour of your entire childhood, but you can dwell on them and return to them forever.”–Dr. Tim Wildschut and Constantine Sedikides, Department of Social Sciences & Psychology,. Article: ‘Looking back in joy: the power of nostalgia.’


Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade
Group 2

8th Grade Graduation
Alexander S.

I see myself replaying every memory
I had this year. My friends goofing
off and me laughing at their stupidity.
but without these friends, a piece of me is
broken off and crumbled
away. I will truly miss the people
who made an impact this school
year. But as always people move
on and find new people and forget
the real ones but this class of
2018-19 will never be forgotten.

Natasha P.

Imagine if you could go back.
Go back to when you were
younger. Go back to being an
innocent 5 year old. Not having
to worry about graduation yet
Not worrying if your outfit wasn’t nice

Imagine if you could go back
to not caring what others thought
about you. Not having to worry
about fitting in. You could just run
wild and not care if people were
watching. You could talk to everyone
and not think that someone didn’t like

Growing up is rough. You have
to do this and do that. You have
to make dinner, take care of our
siblings. Getting older means having
more responsibilities. It means not having as much freedom.

Growing Up
Ariana R.

The whole idea of it makes me
feel worse or just different.
It makes me feel like I am playing
dodge ball with people and that
they are just hitting me. But it’s
also better because I feel
grown up, mature and I have more
opportunities But not really!

But I can sit and look out my
window and just remember every
memory. At three crying to get what
I want. At six dressing up with my
cousin. At eight and pretending I
was a famous actress.

But now I am mostly in my room
watching shows or movies on Netflix
Now I am more outside and hang out
with friends all the time which is fun. Now
I pay for what I want. Now I just see
the dressing up dresses in my closet.

Mrs. Nazimek, 8th Grade,
Group 3

Alejandra C.

Time is a very complex topic
Over the years, If all those years
even exist
or existed
It is all worthless
trying to wrap my head around the
thought of time.TIME
It has become worthless
because here I am, once again
wondering what I did with all that

Wondering, how so many years went by so fast
How the carefree moments of life disappeared
How each second of pain slowly turned into rage
How each minute I lived turned to nothing, but just
a memory
How that’s what I wonder?

But now, I can’t wonder
It’s time to move on
Time to enjoy, before all those seconds turn into
before the
minutes turn
into hours,
before the
hours turn
into day
as the days turn into
We have to
move on.

Izellah D.

Makeup already done
While my mom is stressing out over me being late
‘Hurry up!’ she says
But for me,
I’m taking my time.
Taking it all in
I am graduation
I’m in the car when I notice I had forgotten my cap.
We go back home to get the cap
It all hits me
My friends that I see every day will no longer be
by my side.
But then I stop.
In the middle of my driveway
And in my head echoes
‘Class of 2019.’

Graduation: 1
Jose L.

After shaking the Principal’s hand, I walk off
the stage and sit next to my mom.
My Mother Proud and excited take a quick picture
of me in my gown, I show a small smile.

We get home, I take off my gown and sit on
the couch, I feel good, energized.
I put my head back and kick off my shoes, not
yet realizing this was just a checkpoint for a
larger Journey.

Mrs. Strus, 7th Grade

Viviana G.

How I used to be able to hide anywhere
Eat everything, enjoy disgusting food
How delicious bubble gum ice cream was
Running and playing everywhere I go.
Coloring everything people
And how I stuffed my face with gummies.

But now how I only like vanilla
Go to school
Saying goodbye to my imaginary friends
Enjoying different kinds of music now.

Nathan H.

Last year I was a 12-year-old kid.
I thought I was immature fo the things I did.
I still ain’t too mature
Nothing bad ever occurs

I used to be a giant
Now everyone cached up
I used to be as big as a truck
Now I’m as big as a plane
I used to be very lazy
Now I play basketball
it is fun
I also get a tan from the sun.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.