Golden Chest of Love

In our final week, students practiced reading aloud for our school poetry event. Here is a selection of poems from the school-year:

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 1

The Locket!
Tamia G.

Inside this locket
there are 20 members
of my family. Inside
this locket there is a
car. Inside this locket
there is 3 pairs of

Inside this locket
there is an island.
Inside this locket
there is a lot of paradise.

Inside this locket
there is my best friends,
Gaida and Laila. Inside
this locket there are
thousands of large stars.

Inside this locket there
are lots of large diamonds.

Inside My Locket
Laila C.

Inside my
locket is me
and my family

Inside my locket
is good times
with God-mommy

Inside my
locket is the
passing of God-mommy

Inside my locket
is mom, dad and big brother

Inside my locket is
my teachers

Inside my locket
is best friends

I’m a Gamer
Tyler L.

I am a Fortnite gamer
I am a PS4 gamer

I am a mice gamer
I am a music gamer
I am a Minecraft gamer

I am a robot gamer
I am a rich gamer
I am a rare gamer

I am a pc gamer
I am a switch gamer

I am a night gamer
I am a morning gamer

I am a 2K19 gamer
I am a WWE gamer

I am a try hard gamer
I am a Chicago gamer
I am a pro gamer
I am a toxic gamer

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 2

Miley C.-B.

I’m a messed up sister
I’m a mean sister
I’m a magical sister
I’m a blabbing sister
I’m a baby sister
I’m a big sister

I’m a summer sister
I’m a cry baby sister
I’m a baby-sitter sister
I’m an exit sister
I’m an enter sister

I’m an owl sister
I’m a dog sister
I’m a mouse sister
I’m a shark sister

I’m a church sister
I’m a crazy sister
I’m a Christian sister
I’m a classy sister

Jasmine S.

I’m a cute roach
I’m a ugly roach
I’m a black jaguar roach
I’m a fierce roach

I’m a crazy roach
I’m a silent roach
I’m a loud roach

Celiyah B.

I’m a Tik Tok dancer
I’m a Dubsmash dancer
I’m a Footwork dancer
I’m a Ballet dancer

I’m a Instagram dancer
I’m a hip-hop dancer
I’m a group dancer
I’m a snapchat dancer
I’m a silly dancer

I’m a weird dancer
I’m a graceful dancer
I’m a fiction dancer

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1

Nothing but Siblings
Lavelle J.

Nothing but siblings
A fun sibling, a playful sibling
a care about sibling, the annoying
sibling, the loving sibling, the always
will be there with you sibling, the
fighting sibling, the crybaby sibling,
the teasing sibling, the emotional
sibling, the bad behaved when mom’s
not home sibling.

Nothing but Slime
Fatou C.

And now nothing but slime
the gooey and oozy slime
the buttery and smooth slime
the clear and different color slime
the getting in trouble slime
the ew what’s that slime
the 2 for $6 slime
the mom I need to go to Target to get material slime
the oops I got it stuck on the couch slime

Nykshavyah Y.

Time to let in a flash of light
Cause Jack Frost is leaving tonight
As well as polar bear and ice
Time to clean and fresh up the house
The cat could scare the little mouse
Maybe time to buy a new blouse

I Remember
Hamza N.

I remember it was my best day.
I remember my dad brought me a big toy and his name is Max.
I remember one holiday my friends were with me.
I remember the smell of chicken when I was small.
I remember outdoors in winter I played with snow.

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2

Our Natural Hair
Andrea G.

Our natural hair brings awe to the world
Slaying ponytails and swooping edges
Showing off the beautiness in the curls
Weave down my back out shopping for wedges
Rocking a nice Afro on a spring day
Two messy dutch braids for my morning jog
Up in a tight bun for our child’s play
Up in a half-do while typing my blog
Straightened out for a fancy occasion
Bantu knots to traditional picnics
Cornrows for a fun summer vacation
Twist outs to hang with my friends and kick it
Walking with pride of the natural black hair
Blacks showing what we have because we care

Inside This Backpack
Derrika M.

Inside this backpack is adventure
Inside this backpack is hopes and dreams
Inside this backpack is memories of the past

Inside this backpack is mystery and discovery
Inside this backpack is family coming together

Inside This Drawer
Tristan A.

Inside this drawer
there is a golden chest
of love

Inside this drawer
there is hope to
never give up

Inside this drawer
there is a pot
of tea

Inside this drawer
there is a book
that holds sadness

Inside this drawer
there is a dark
sky with bright

Inside this drawer
there is my whole



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.