In Someone Else’s Shoes: Persona Poems

Persona Poems are an exploratory of another person’s psyche, and allow us to imagine being someone else for a while. For this session, Waters students read one of my poems (!) titled “Lavender,” heavily inspired by the film adaptation of the novel Matilda. Students wrote their own persona poems in response, below.

Ms Smallwood’s 6th Grade Class

Rich Nerdy Family
by Novak Z.

I am Rich Nerdy Grandpa and
I am 220 years old and I
already know what the stock
market looks like. In fact I see

In fact it’s blooming

my wife in the park

But after we married
the stock market crashed
and I lost 22 Billion 

And I was in poverty

But then I got a glow 
up when I recently tried
culver’s fries, its made
me a quadrillionaire

by Yusuf S.

I wake up every morning at 4:00 am!
I take a cold shower after my 5 mile
walk! I eat a healthy breakfast and
wake up my sons. If they refuse
to wake up, I pour a bucket of ice
water on their face! No slacking in my

Milly’s Background
by Leighton K.

I don’t remember it well
A different house, different family
They didn’t love me
They left me
In a small cage, filthy, skinny and afraid

Then a new family picked me up
They loved me
They gave me treats and took me for walks
They got me a bed and toys
They spend time with me

They’re happy they have me
and i’m happy I have them
I love them

Cat in the Hat
by Caelan G.

I will remember that day. When
I went to the bay. Then I saw that
house. Then I got on my oversized mouse.
I kicked down the door. I saw two kids. 

They told me their names. Sally & Sam.
Kabam! I pull my things out & we
play. Hey! It’s time to go. Goodbye.

I leave. i meet a random dude named
Steve. I get on my mouse. Up &
down the bay. Yee-haw. I think 

Ms. Hooper’s 6th Grade Class

Laura Hardy
by Adalee H.

I wake up longing for more rest

I have to get up.

I always do all the work in this family.

At least I can get my chai latte with 3 pumps
of oat milk every day

I enjoy playing pickle ball and Disney is my second home

I hate cooking and my kids hate my can’t-really-cook

My voice is done at the end of day, saying
get off fortnight 1,000,000 times a day.

My family makes me feel happy and we
always have a good laugh together. 

Poor Little Pot
by Luke V.

I sit
next ti the whiteboard
I watch
as one number square
gets colored in
by one
the students brush against my leaves
I feel unbalanced
My rocks spill across the floor
Just another day
of  falling over
Me, a Poor Little Pot

SpongeBob Life
by Charlie H

I wake up in the morning
and stick my head out the window
and say good morning to my 
friend Patrick
Also my other neighbor Squidward.
He doesn’t like me.
I feed Gary, my pet snail, and
head to the Krusty Krab!
Where I work.
When I go to the Krusty krab
its my favorite place to be.
I serve the customers one by one.
Later, I finish the patties and the
store closes. i go home and go to
Just another day in Bikini Bottom.

Mr. D’s 6th Grade Class

Owen Meany
by Abbie L.

Running, the edge getting closer
bet they didn’t notice. I jump. Water.
Holding my breath, forgotten about. I almost drowned.

Guess its regular people forget about me.
Except John. And the armadillo. And even Hester
and John’s other cousins. Thanksgiving. Crazy. 

The Delaware
by Niko W.

The red coats have boston, we must 
make an all out stand. We must 
keep them pinned down. We own bunker bunker*
We must hold it. The British attack
We run out of armor, we must retreat. They
claimed victory with double the casualties.

We dig into the Cambridge to siege on
Boston. We are in stalemate.
We have people deserting. We
captured Ticonderoga. We set up a 
massive fort in one day. We fire 
into Boston, the Brits leave. We have 
won Boston but the war was far 
from over.

We set up in New York. The lobster
backs do too. We fight on and on
boom bang boom, now we only own
Manhattan, we must retreat. Few 
brave men tend the fires so the 
Brits think we’re still there. We cross
the Delaware. It must work so we
can fight another day.

We now fight at Yorktown to
win the war. We charged at
the lobster backs. Pushing back 
and back until Britain
surrenders. That is how an
army of people, farmers, and civilians
beat one of the finest armies 
and navy in the world. 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.